ARK: Survival Evolved – craft, dinosaurs, battles

ARK is undeniably one of the best online open world survival simulators created by several large companies at the same time. Cooperate with friends to increase your chances of survival and counteract evil monsters and other players, or play on PVE servers in a friendly atmosphere, but don’t forget about the aggressive environment of this world.


PVE - Enjoy the beauty, stroke the animals, develop with other players:

Survive in comfort and safety, as soon as you finish character editing, the game will immediately confront you with difficulties, and then whoever is lucky. You can spawn on the "paradise" shore, near the bushes with berries, not a soul on the horizon, all that remains is: don’t overheat, drink water and eat a hearty meal, but don’t forget that some animals are predatory and will gladly feast on you or poison you, and friendly players will help you and your friends in your endeavors.

PVP - Build a shelter, run from animals, don’t forget about food:

But also, you can be thrown into the thick of the forest, among hunting animals, maybe evil players (often found in PVP modes), then you need to be vigilant: listen, crawl, hide, and like in PVE mode, it is possible to tame certain types of animals, for your own needs. You can always call for help a friend who will go to the same server with you, or make friends with local survivors, and together you can cash in on the first housing, protection and other things.


ARK server on GODLIKE:

If you are ready for the tests, have patience and have got a company of friends, or if you can handle everything and alone, then go ahead! Create your own world in a mode convenient for you and enjoy the game.