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The Best Passive Skills for Efficient Work in Palworld

Last modified on 13 July 2024 in Palworld
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

Passive Skills in Palworld

In Palworld server, the practicality of the passive skills of your Pals, which you've chosen for efficient work is crucial. We'll touch upon both positive and negative skills.

Pal's fighting in Palworld


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Work Speed Skills

Speed significantly affects your Pal's work time. This applies to farming, using household items, and all other types of work.

Positive work speed skills

  • Serious - Work Speed +20%
  • Lucky - Work Speed +15%, Attack +15%
  • Artisan - Work Speed +50%
  • Conceited - Increase work speed by 10%, Decrease defense by 20%
  • Work Slave - Work Speed +30%, Attack -30%

Negative work speed skills

  • Hooligan - Work Speed -10%, Attack +15%
  • Slacker - Work Speed -30%
  • Clumsy - Work Speed -10%
  • Musclehead - Work Speed -50%, Attack +30%

A few Pals on mountain

Mind Expenditure Skills

Sanity (SAN) gradually decreases in your Pal during its nervousness (stress), which may occur due to food shortages, heavy work, and similar situations. When Pals have low sanity levels, their usefulness significantly decreases, and injuries and illnesses may occur. There are certain skills that help your Pal maintain a stable level of sanity.

Positive mind expenditure skills

  • Positive Thinker - Sanity expenditure -10%
  • Workaholic - Sanity expenditure -15%

Negative mind expenditure skills

  • Unstable - Sanity expenditure +10%
  • Destructive - Sanity expenditure +15%

Hunger Expenditure Skills

These skills help your Pal spend more time without food, reducing resource and time expenditure.

Positive hunger expenditure skills

  • Dainty Eater - Satiation expenditure -10%
  • Diet Lover - Less likelihood of appetite decrease by +15%

Negative hunger expenditure skills

  • Glutton - Satiation expenditure +10%
  • Bottomless Stomach - Satiation expenditure +15%

huge player's Pals battle

Player Enhancement Skills

Pals also have skills that provide a positive impact for the owner (player), rather than themselves.

Player enhancement skills

  • Mine Foreman - Player's mining speed +25%
  • Motivational Leader - Player's movement speed +25%
  • Logging Foreman - Player's logging speed +25%


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Each Pal is significant, consider its characteristics and optimize your gaming process. Play together with GODLIKE.

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