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We believe that gaming server hosting should be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer 100% free server hosting that works 24/7. Try the server for yourself today and don't forget to check out our paid plans.


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Excellent ( 4,7/5 )
The best Minecraft host ever!

The best Minecraft host ever!

I rent Minecraft here for the third month (4gb), addons and plugins are installed directly from the panel, very quickly, I have not seen anything like this before))

They provide sftp access, so you can change the startup flags on your panel without contacting customer support.

Із заміною ігор, грати стало ще цікавіше!

З початку я купив Minecraft, але потім змінив на GTA, все абсолютно безкоштовно, а головне це займає тільки лічені секунди

Все на найвищому рівні

Все на найвищому рівні, Тех підтримка пряцює швидко і якісно, Залізо просто бомба сервери тех супер, Купив собі середню сборку для сервера Unturned нічого не лагає не висне, середній пінг 45.
Хостинг просто бомба👍

Godlike.host looks like a promising…

Godlike.host looks like a promising project with a great website. I look forward to opening

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We believe that gaming server hosting should be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer 100% free server hosting that works 24/7.



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Efficient DDOS protection


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  • How do free servers work at Godlike?

    So that everyone can enjoy Godlike free server, we have developed a system of free servers with continuation. This means that after registration, the server is issued for 5 hours. Every 5 minutes, you can increase the working time by 90 minutes, up to 24 hours. If you have not extended the server's operation time, it will be suspended for 72 hours, during which you can resume its operation again. After 72 hours, the server is permanently deleted.

  • What if I don't have time to renew the server?

    In this case, you can encourage players to keep the server running, for example you can give the barkers various bonuses on the server. To do this, we made a public link function, by going to which anyone can continue the server. Setting the link address and issuing the bonus is configured in the panel.

  • What if you don't want to deal with server continuation?

    If you do not want to have these restrictions, you can purchase a paid service on our website.