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How to add an administrator to your Arma 3 server

Last modified on 19 April 2024 in Arma
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

Server Administration

Having an administrator on your server is a crucial part of its management because with the help of one administrator or a whole team, many problems on the server can be prevented, such as overloading, map selection, and more. In particular, administration can promptly manage players and kick/ban those who disrupt the game process for others or use cheats.


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How to add an administrator to an Arma 3 server

1) Log in to your server's game panel and in the Console section, make sure it is turned off.

GODLIKE game panel console

2) Open the File Manager section, find the server.cfg file, and open it.

game panel file manager

3) In this file, locate the lines Admin Password and admins[]. In Admin password, come up with and enter a password below, replacing ADMINPASSWORD (example), and in admins[], replace 0123456789 (example) with your SteamID.

setup server by file


Remove the // symbols before passwordAdmin and admins[]

4) Save the changes to the file, then you can restart the server.

5) Log in to the server, during the game, open the chat using the / key and enter the command #login password, then press Enter.


To find out a player's SteamID, copy the link to their profile and use it on this website

Now you know how to add an administrator to your server and configure the management process. We wish you a pleasant and convenient experience. Play together with GODLIKE.

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