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How to Change the Tariff of a Free Server?

Last modified on 13 March 2024 in Billing
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Specialist

Changing Tariffs

If you already have your own game server on our hosting, then you know that we always offer various tariff plans for each game.

GODLIKE minecfraft tariffs

Even if you have chosen a free server for your favorite game, you can still change your plan for this server and switch to one that is more attractive to you.


You can learn how to change the RAM and other functionality of your server

How to change the tariff plan?

1) Open the main page of GODLIKE. Click on the Billing button.

GODLIKE website buttons

2) Next, select your server and click the Manage button.

server manage button

3) Click the Upgrade/Downgrade button. In the new window, you can choose a new tariff plan that you like.


Review the list of games that we offer for hosting and choose a game for your future server

settings description


When upgrading the tariff, there will be a recalculation for the number of days used under the old tariff, and you will need to pay additionally for the remaining days until the end of the paid period - according to the new tariff. When downgrading the tariff, the funds will be automatically added to the balance

Now you know how to change the tariff if you need more resources for a large game server. Play together with GODLIKE.

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