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How to make Rust load faster?

Last modified on 15 June 2024 in RUST
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

Why does Rust take so long to load?

In this article, you will learn how to speed up the download of the Rust game on your computer.

Why does Rust take forever to load?

The longest process when uploading to a server is downloading the server files. You will encounter it when you first log in to the server, and usually it takes quite a while. Only after the final connection to the server, your game launcher will "remember" all the game data of the server and reconnections will be much faster.

You can use the game system to your advantage: during the first (long) connection to the server, wait until you start loading resources, and then click on the red cross/cancel to cancel the connection. After that, reconnect - the game will treat your second visit as if you had already connected to the server before, and the file download will be faster.


Please note that with this method of speeding up the download, the game may not display correctly due to the loss of files. In this case, the download will be repeated and everything will work properly

Do not use ALT+TAB

Do not minimize the game while the server is loading. This way you will show the computer the priority of the game if it is launched and expanded over other applications. Also, if you have a weak computer, minimizing the game may cause the game to freeze.

Why do I need to update drivers and the game client?

Don't forget to update drivers for your computer's devices, such as your video card. Updated drivers improve the image quality in games and more, as well as make loading faster and optimize the gameplay.

In addition to updating the system, don't forget to update the launcher through which you run the game. A timely updated Steam will give you better performance when launching games on it.

Why do I need free space and install the game on my SSD?

Don't forget that the speed of your computer depends on its load. If your SSD is overloaded and has a lack of free space, it will slow down the system. Try to clean your computer from unnecessary or heavy files by using cache cleaner applications, etc.

Also, if your computer has an SSD and HDD (hard disk), check which drive you have Rust installed on. If you have the game installed on your hard disk, try moving it to an SSD, as this drive performs tasks much faster. It's also the drive where Windows is initially installed for fast and convenient operation.

How to load into rust faster with programs?

You can manually set your computer's settings to improve performance for Rust. This will make the computer use more resources for the game than for other applications. With this feature, some game options will work faster, but the load on the computer during the game will also increase. To increase performance, use Windows system applications or special programs from your graphics card company, such as NVIDIA or AMD.

We wish you a pleasant and comfortable game during your victories! Use this article and make your Rust experience more satisfying. Play together with GODLIKE.

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