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How to set up a Killing Floor 2 server?

Last modified on 29 December 2023 in Killing Floor 2
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

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Creating your own server

In this article, you will learn how to set up your own Killing Floor 2 server in depth. Also, if you don't have your own server yet, we have already explained how to create server yourself or buy one on our website to have an easy and convenient setup, check the link learn more.

Configuring the server

You will need to run your server once to generate the configuration files (based on the default configuration files that are shipped with the installation).


Be careful not to make changes to the default configuration files

Server startup parameters:

Below, you will see a list of commands for configuring startup:

All the variables in the middle (values) are written for example, you can change them as you wish.

Configuration of INI files

The PCServer-KFGame.ini file is located in the \KFGame\Config\ folder.

This file controls all the various game elements that can be customized by server administrators in Killing Floor 2. From game modes to viewing options and much more, everything can be customized as the administrator wishes.

First and foremost, administrators will want to customize this file to update the WebAdmin, server password, and other settings that you have access to.

Below, we have provided an example of simple PCServer-KFGame.ini settings that administrators will want to change first:

Server password

Server name and administrator connection

All the variables in the middle (values) are written for example, you can change them at your own discretion

Configuring the web administrator

To enable the web administrator: Open the KFWeb.ini file. And find the following line, where you need to specify "true":


By default, webadmin will listen to port 8080 on the game server IP address, you can configure this port for several servers on the same IP address. To change this parameter, open KFweb.ini and change the following line:


Now, administrators will be able to log in to the web-based admin panel of their servers. They can connect using the local address (if the server is local) or the web address (server IP address) with the port added. They can use any of their favorite modern internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and IE. An example of what to enter, the address bar of a browser

After that, the login window will appear. The default user is Admin. The password will be the one that was set as the administrator password in the PCServer-KFGame.ini file. If the password is not set, the administrator will not be able to log in.

Settings for downloading files from the Steam Workshop

1) Make sure the server is down (off). If it is running, the Workshop settings will be overwritten the next time the server restarts.

2) Add a new section to the PCServer-KFEngine.ini configuration file:


3) For each Workshop application that you want to download, add the line ServerSubscribedWorkshopItems=<Application ID> to this section.

You can find the number in the id= part of the URL of the Workshop app on Steam. Example string: "ServerSubscribedWorkshopItems=3023019358". In this article, we can help you with updating Killing Floor 2.

Now you know much more about setting up a personal KF 2 server! We wish you an interesting and fun experience. Play together with GODLIKE.

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