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How to Upload a Map to a Terraria Server

Last modified on 19 April 2024 in Terraria
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

Custom Maps

While playing the game, you might want to add something new to your gaming experience, such as downloading a map from the internet or uploading your old world where you have certain in-game achievements and continue developing on that map. That's why today we'll tell you how to upload the necessary map to your Terraria server.


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How to Upload a Map to Your Server

1) Go to your server's game panel. Open the File Manager section.

GODLIKE game panel file manager

2) Navigate to the saves/Worlds folder and click the Upload button, then select the map file you wish to upload.

terraria server files

GODLIKE game panel setup buttons


Map files have the .wld extension

3) Now, open the Startup Settings section in the panel. In the World Name field, enter the name of the map. Done.

serer startup settings

Now you know how to add the maps you need to your server and play according to your taste. Play together with GODLIKE.

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