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Free Minecraft Server Hosting 24/7

Create your server for free

Godlike offers free Minecraft server hosting.
Set up your Minecraft server and start playing within minutes.

Free Plan

0$ first month 0 $ next

Recommended slots: 10

Less productivity

Without support

1 location

2 GB of RAM

10 GB of SSD memory

Server extension up to 24 hours

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Premium Minecraft plans

We offer quality and reliable Minecraft hosting.
Set up your server, order our Premium plans and start playing within minutes.


Server assemblies based on




Godlike Panel




protection against DDOS


Super fast


All functions


The best
Tech. support

Real clients. Real service

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Excellent ( 4,7/5 )
The best Minecraft host ever!

The best Minecraft host ever!

I rent Minecraft here for the third month (4gb), addons and plugins are installed directly from the panel, very quickly, I have not seen anything like this before))

They provide sftp access, so you can change the startup flags on your panel without contacting customer support.

With the replacement of games, the game became even more interesting!

From the beginning I bought Minecraft, but then changed to GTA, everything is absolutely free, and most importantly it takes only a matter of seconds

Amazing hosting

Everything is at the highest level, Tech support is fast and efficient, the hardware is just a bomb, the servers are super, I bought an average build for the Unturned server, nothing lags, does not hang, the average ping is 45.
Hosting is just a bomb👍

Godlike.host looks like a promising…

Godlike.host looks like a promising project with a great website. I look forward to opening

How to create your own free Minecraft server

In this video, we will tell and show you how to quickly create a free game server on our hosting in just a few clicks. Enjoy a ready-to-launch and optimized server that you can play right away!

About Us



Godlike.host is a team of professionals who have vast experience in providing hosting services. We decided to team up to create a new project with nice prices, a convenient control panel and good technical support. You can rent hosting from us to create a game server that will pleasantly surprise you with its 24/7 uptime, uninterrupted operation and easy setup.

By choosing us, you can count on:

High performance. It is achieved through the use of powerful processors, SSD storage and large
amount of RAM.

Low ping. Each of the servers is connected to a high speed network to provide the best gaming experience.

DDoS protection. Your game server will stay online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Acceptable prices. You do not have to allocate a large budget for renting and buying a game server.


Game servers


Tariff plans




Satisfied customers



Server builds
Powered by Ryzen


Comfortable and functional
Godlike Panel


Superfast automatic
installation immediately after payment


Additional ports
for your server


Up to three backups
per day for free


Efficient DDOS protection


Full Featured
SFTP Access


The best
Expert tech. support

Free Minecraft server hosting

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  • Minecraft server free - game servers
  • How to set up a Free Minecraft server hosting
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Minecraft server free - game servers

Take your gaming experience to the next level! Join our free Minecraft server hosting platform on Godlike. Host and immerse yourself in the exciting world of multiplayer gaming. Whether you choose our Minecraft free server or upgrade to paid, you'll enjoy lag-free gameplay with customizable settings and options, without interruptions or delays.


  • How does a free Minecraft server work?

    So that everyone can enjoy Godlike free server, we have developed a system of free servers with continuation. This means that after registration, the server is issued for 5 hours. Every 5 minutes, you can increase the working time by 90 minutes, up to 24 hours. If you have not extended the server's operation time, it will be suspended for 72 hours, during which you can resume its operation again. After 72 hours, the server is permanently deleted.

  • What if I don't have time to renew the server?

    In this case, you can encourage players to keep the server running, for example you can give the barkers various bonuses on the server. To do this, we made a public link function, by going to which anyone can continue the server. Setting the link address and issuing the bonus is configured in the panel.

  • What if you don't want to deal with server continuation?

    If you do not want to have these restrictions, you can purchase a paid service on our website.

  • What is free Minecraft server hosting?

    A free Minecraft server hosting is a remote server that works 24/7. Use it for hosting multiplayer online gaming without using third-party software programs (Hamachi, RadminVPN). Play your favorite games and become a part of the gaming community for free.

  • Do I need to pay for Minecraft server hosting

    No, you set up and run a really powerful and totally free game server.

  • How long does it take to set up a Minecraft server?

    You can easily manage your server, and set it up within 10 mins.

  • How to Get a Free Minecraft Server?

    Just choose the game and our automatically provisioned system will immediately deploy your game server.

  • Do Free Minecraft Servers Run 24/7?

    We offer a free trial period for our Minecraft server hosting service, providing full access to all the features of a paid server, so you can experience our servers firsthand.

  • Can I Install Mods or Plugins on My Free Minecraft Server?

    We guarantee to meet your specific requirements and offer installation mods or plugins on your free Terraria server to have the best gaming experience.

  • How often are backups made, and can I restore my server from a backup?

    We do not provide backups for free servers. However, our paid servers includes data backup once every 3 -7 days to ensure that your data is safe and secure. If you require regular backups, we recommend upgrading to the paid version.



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