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Last modified on 06 March 2023 in Minecraft
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Valeriy Stereo

Valeriy Stereo

CCO, Creative Director

Creative game mode:

Before starting the game, you create a world; you can choose the mode (in this case, creative), the size of the map, bonus items, as well as the so-called World Seed (for more experienced and knowledgeable players in the Minecraft world). The player spawns in a place unknown to him in advance on a randomly generated map; in creative mode, you can fly, take any item from your inventory: blocks, weapons, armor, food and decorations, and enjoy the combination of all this in a relaxed, safe and smiling world.

Survival mode, hardcore:

In Survival Mode, the player can choose map options (large/small, bonus items, seed) and world difficulty, which ranges from Easy to Hardcore. The modes differ from each other in the complexity of generating a map and the aggressiveness of mobs (monsters), and especially in hardcore mode - if you die, then the world you created is deleted.

In survival mode, you cannot fly (unless you activate cheats in the game menu) and take any items in unlimited quantities - you will need to get everything yourself, look for food, minerals, other resources and a place where to wait out the night, because there are a lot more monsters at night and they are stronger than during the day.

Multiplayer, creating a server with GODLIKE:

In Minecraft, you can play both locally with your friend on your map using an IP connection, and on the created server. Servers have a certain variety of modes, such as: Mini-games (Hunger Games, Prop Hunt, Hide & Seek), survival, creative, and more. If you are ready to immerse yourself in the amazing world of Minecraft, then don’t waste time, get started.

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