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Advanced 30 Days

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2 GB
of RAM

3 vCores

30 GB NVMe

AMD Ryzen 9

3.49 £ first two months 6.99 £ next

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Choose a tariff based on the desired number of players and your preferences. Godlike recommends the optimal tariff depending on the number of players. You can also try the test version of the server for 7 days for only $0.01!

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30 Days

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 2 vCores / 4.2 GHz

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 2 vCores / 4.2 GHz





1.99 £ first two months 3.99 £ next

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30 Days

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 3 vCores / 4.2 GHz

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 3 vCores / 4.2 GHz





3.49 £ first two months 6.99 £ next


30 Days

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 4 vCores / 4.2 GHz

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 4 vCores / 4.2 GHz





4.99 £ first two months 9.99 £ next

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How to create your own Quake Live server

In this video, we will tell and show how to quickly create a game server on our hosting - from choosing a server to entering the game, and just a few clicks. Enjoy a ready-to-launch and optimized server that you can play right away!

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Godlike.host is a team of professionals who have vast experience in providing hosting services. We decided to team up to create a new project with nice prices, a convenient control panel and good technical support. You can rent hosting from us to create a game server that will pleasantly surprise you with its 24/7 uptime, uninterrupted operation and easy setup.

By choosing us, you can count on:

High performance. It is achieved through the use of powerful processors, SSD storage and large
amount of RAM.

Low ping. Each of the servers is connected to a high speed network to provide the best gaming experience.

DDoS protection. Your game server will stay online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Acceptable prices. You do not have to allocate a large budget for renting and buying a game server.


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Excellent ( 4,7/5 )
The best Minecraft host ever!

The best Minecraft host ever!

I rent Minecraft here for the third month (4gb), addons and plugins are installed directly from the panel, very quickly, I have not seen anything like this before))

They provide sftp access, so you can change the startup flags on your panel without contacting customer support.

With the replacement of games, the game became even more interesting!

From the beginning I bought Minecraft, but then changed to GTA, everything is absolutely free, and most importantly it takes only a matter of seconds

Amazing hosting

Everything is at the highest level, Tech support is fast and efficient, the hardware is just a bomb, the servers are super, I bought an average build for the Unturned server, nothing lags, does not hang, the average ping is 45.
Hosting is just a bomb👍

Godlike.host looks like a promising…

Godlike.host looks like a promising project with a great website. I look forward to opening

Latest News

Quake Live game hosting

Quake Live managed to revive the legendary shooter. It is almost completely identical to the third part of the franchise, while it has improved graphics and resolution, as well as a more user-friendly interface. With tons of hardcore modes available, it's time to show off your skills!

Main game modes

It is a multiplayer shooter in which players compete against each other in arenas. Everyone's task is to destroy their opponents. There are many modes on the servers of this project:

  • Duel. A duel between two players. The gamer who manages to score more points per match wins.
  • Free For All. Many players appear in the arena, each of whom fights for himself. To win, you need to score more points than the rest.
  • Team Deathmatch. In this mode, there is a division into two teams. The winner is the team that scored more points during the match.
  • Capture the Flag. Each team has its own base with a flag. The task is to capture the enemy flag and deliver it to your territory.
  • Clan Arena. Team mode, in which all players have a full set of weapons, as well as increased health and armor.When dying, the character will be able to respawn until the end of the round.
  • Domination. It is necessary to hold your points and attack the opponents' points. Players have a full arsenal of weapons and armor. You can regenerate health and restore armor.
  • Freeze Tag. Team mode, where the character is frozen after his death. He remains in this state until his allies unfreeze him. A round ends when your entire team or opponents are frozen.

Why do you need a Quake Live server?

Only part of the modes that are available on the servers of this game were listed above. To create your Quake Live servers, you will need to buy or rent our hosting, complete the setup and invite friends or other users to start a spectacular and hardcore confrontation.

Godlike.Host has a variety of server options to meet your needs and budget. Quake Live Server Hosting is a robust and reliable hosting for your Quake Live gameplay. Rent your own powerful server and enjoy low latency and high performance. We build game hosting solutions with the best high-performance hardware and offer our clients 24/7 expert support and optimized networks with guaranteed uptime.

How to set up Quake Live Server Hosting

Get a fantastic gaming experience by setting up a dedicated Quake Liveserver in a few simple steps.

Select a Game

Get ready for an exciting new experience in the game world. Rent Quake Live server and play with your friends. 

Choose a Server Location

Keep your server close to home with 10 global data center locations worldwide. Get better latency with Godlike.Host game server hosting.

Select a Server Plan

Check out all the essential plans that come with your cheap Quake Live server hosting.

Configure Your Server Settings

The most powerful and user-friendly control panel on the market to give you full control. Host, customize, and scale servers for large-scale multiplayer games.

Make a Payment

No hidden fees. Choose any payment method, including cryptocurrency, to purchase the best tariff plan for you.

Supported Games & Software

Discover a wider range of games, explore countless mysteries, fight your rivals at every turn, and combat for glory, survival, and fortune. Choose the high-performance dedicated server for one of 26 popular games and be sure that the world remains online while your friends enjoy their time.

Why host Server Hosting at Godlike.Host

Godlike.Host offers the best server hosting for Quake Live on PC. You can rent Quake Live server from us, which will pleasantly surprise you with its optimized networks, guaranteed 24/7 uptime, instant setup process, easy custom configuration, and round-the-clock expert support.

Instant Setup

Get a truly rapid setup with cheap Quake Live server hosting. Your services are up and ready to be used in a few seconds after payment. 

Simple Billing

We use the best way to bill our customers and users as per their own billing currency, and requirements.

High-performance Game Servers

We offer the best Ryzen hardware for our game hosting, SSD storage to ensure the best performance and stability of your server, and meet your budget and needs.

Easy server management

Try our full-fledged custom game server panel to easily navigate the user interface, update settings, and control your game server hosting.

Full Technical Support

Get 24/7/365 support from experienced technicians via live chat or ticket. The average reply time is only twenty minutes!

Mod/plugin Support

Use a built-in automated TShock and TModloader mod installer and updater, for free. Now you can easily install supported mods/maps and change any setting with one click.

Multiple Server Locations

Get the connectivity and low latency gaming to stay connected to the best possible network peering with 10 data centers located around the world.

Security and reliability

We make it our mission to protect your gaming experience. Quake Live Server Hosting provides reliable servers to host your own Quake Live world and play with friends. Enjoy a lag-free, secure gaming experience with customizable settings and options that come with DDOS protection for free right from the start.

Quake Live DDOS Protection

Avoid downtime when it matters the most. We offer Quake Live DDoS protection to keep your server fully secured and protected.

Data backups and recovery

Get up to three backups per day for free!

Uptime guarantees

Our Quake Live servers are always online. We equipped them with power generators and UPS batteries to ensure 24/7 operation.

Server locations and redundancy

Server locations are important to get game server hosting stability and reliability. We offer a global network with powerful data centers worldwide to provide players with an excellent connection speed. 

Pricing and plans

View our best Quake Live server hosting plans to get excellent performance. Try the free trial version and get full access to powerful game server hosting and a user-friendly control panel.

Comparison of different plans

Take a look at our popular server hosts comparison table and make sure that we do more. 


Godlike.Host G-portal Nitrado DedicatedMC
Trial access / Demo panel +
Split your server +
Free backups + Limited backup space +
Startup flags + + +
Free godlike-based domain +
Price for 8GB $12.99 first two months $16.00 per 30 days ~$50 per 30 days  $28 per 30 days


Start Your Quake Live Game Server Today

Quake Live server hosting allows you to enjoy the full multiplayer experience of the game. You can buy Quake Live server hosting to get your own private server, customize settings and maintain your own version of the game.


  • Will my friends from another countries be able to connect to the server? or other users to start a spectacular and hardcore confrontation.

    Yes, people from any country will be able to connect to your server without any difficulty.

  • What is Quake Live server hosting?

    Quake Live server hosting is a remote server that works 24/7 that everyone can connect to without using third-party software programs (Hamachi, RadminVPN).

  • How To Buy A Quake Live Server?

    Your services are up and ready to be used in a few seconds after payment. Just choose the server and purchase it with billing currency and requirements suitable for you.

  • Do Quake Live Servers Run 24/7?

    The Quake Live server will be online 24/7, 365 days a year until the billing plan expires.

  • How to access the Quake Live server settings file?

    Run your game servers on a custom powerful Pterodactyl panel where you can find the Quake Live server settings file.

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my server?

    Go to Settings and click Upgrade/Downgrade. You will be billed a prorated price and your server will be upgraded immediately after we receive your payment.

  • Can I install mods or plugins on my Quake Live server?

    Through the use of a built-in automated mod installer and updater, you can install supported mods and use them on the Quake Live server.

  • How often are backups made, and can I restore my server from a backup?

    You have up to three backups per day for free. You can restore your server from a backup when it is necessary.

  • How long does it take to set up a Quake Live server?

    Server installation takes up to 5 minutes.

  • How much does Quake Live server hosting cost?

    You can view our best Quake Live server hosting plans to get the most suitable offer. There is also a free trial with full access to the cheap game server hosting and a user-friendly control panel. Choose the best option for you.