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Controling sever with Discord

Last modified on 14 December 2023 in Extras
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Valeriy Stereo

Valeriy Stereo

CCO, Creative Director

Hey Godlikers!
In this guide we will be going over how to connect and use Discord Bot to your Minecraft servers hosted on Godlike Panel. This discord bot uses the Godlike Panel API to allow you to control your servers through Discord. But we were developed easy to use Discord link button. So you can just press this button in your panel:


By default Discord indicator is red, but after connecting it will be green

The next step is clicking the button "Authorise"

After successfull Authorising you will see this window

And now if you have server you are Godliker in Discord channel. Congratulations and welcome to our community!

Your discord button will be green now in Game Panel and you can see your name, icon and Discord's tag right here!

Now you can use Discord commands! You are able to control your servers via Discord bot in our discord server.

Discord commands

There are list of most usefull commands in Discord channel :

Godlike Panel Commands:

/servers - Display information about servers and manage them

/backups - Show information about and manage your server's backups

/console - Server console

/rename - Rename the server

/send - Send a command to the server

General commands:

/help - Provides all available commands and their descriptions

/mylevel - Provides a permission level

/ping - Bot delay

/userconf - User settings

/userinfo - Get information about yourself


.suggest [suggestion] - Submits a suggestion

.edit [suggestion id] [new content] - Edits a suggestion

.shortinfo [suggestion id] - Shows information about a suggestion in a concise manner

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