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What is Ark non dedicated server?

Last modified on 19 April 2024 in ARK: Survival Evolved
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

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How does Ark non dedicated server work?

A non-dedicated session in ARK means that you can start the game at any time. Your friends can join your world to have fun and play together. Additionally, during a non-dedicated session, you can modify initial settings just like you would in local mode.

ARK survival evolved main piciture

Non-dedicated servers allow anyone to join the game by hosting the server on a player's personal computer. You can invite players from your city or other countries.


To allow other players to join the server, the host (the one who created the server) must be in the game

Non-dedicated servers are somewhat similar to single-player ones. When you exit the game, it automatically saves, and you can resume it at any time from where you left off.


How to manually saving your ARK world

What are the differences between a dedicated vs non dedicated server Ark?

The Ark dedicated server serves only you, and you have a unique IP address. This means that you will have to use a different system to play ARK dedicated server requires its own device to run.

On the other hand, non-dedicated servers require a single player and device for gaming, where many players can use the same server, which might be more advantageous than renting a server from hosting providers, though less convenient.

How does it differ from a single-player server?

Ark non dedicated servers are the same as single-user servers, except for one difference: your friends can join them.

Can my friends join my Ark non dedicated server?

The Ark non dedicated server can take your friends. However, ARK allows a maximum of 4 players, including you, to join a non dedicated server Ark. In addition, you and your friends must be physically close to play and run the game smoothly on an Ark non dedicated server.

What are the benefits of Ark non dedicated server?

One of the significant advantages of non-dedicated servers is their ease of setup. Unlike dedicated servers, which require additional hardware and technical knowledge, non-dedicated servers can be set up quickly and easily without specialized administrative knowledge.

Another advantage of non-dedicated servers is the ability to have a more private gaming experience with friends. These servers are typically designed for hosting small groups of players, such as friends or gaming communities, who want to explore a specific game world together.

ark coop gameplay

By setting up a non-dedicated server, players can enjoy a more personalized and controlled gaming environment where they can collaborate, develop strategies, and participate in the gaming process together without interference from other random players, and any PVP battles will be only by mutual consent.

The privacy aspect of non-dedicated servers is particularly attractive to many gamers. Since the server is not open to the public, players can feel their uniqueness and control who joins their gaming sessions, allowing for a tighter-knit community and stronger bonds between players.

What are the disadvantages of non-dedicated ARK servers?

Ark non dedicated server, where a player's computer serves as both the game client and the server, do have some drawbacks that can affect performance and gaming experience. Below are some details explaining these drawbacks:

Performance Limitations:

The main issue with non-dedicated servers is their impact on performance. Since the host's computer is responsible for running both the game and the server simultaneously, its resources are divided between these two tasks. Such resource allocation can lead to decreased performance, resulting in increased latency or decreased frame rates, especially if the host's computer does not meet the game's recommended specifications or if multiple players are connected.

The technical specifications of the host's computer play a crucial role in determining server performance. If the host's computer lacks computational power, RAM, or a stable internet connection, this can significantly affect server performance. Players connected to a non-dedicated server may experience lag, delays in gameplay actions, or synchronization issues.

Distance Limitations Between Players:

On non-dedicated servers, server boundaries are tied to the host's location in the game world. This means that players are limited in how far they can stray from the host, which significantly affects gameplay.

ark split-screen gameplay

When players move away from the host, the game world must be loaded and simulated on the host's computer for all connected players, which can overload its resources. If players venture too far, they may experience significant delays and issues in gameplay.

Dependence on Host Presence:

As mentioned above, if the host player disconnects or exits the game, the server switches to autonomous mode, resulting in disconnection of all players. This limitation can be inconvenient if players want to continue playing while the host player is unavailable.

Now that you have a broad understanding of non-dedicated ARK servers, enjoy your gaming experience. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to create your own great and amazing server! Play together with GODLIKE.

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