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What is DarkRP in Garry`s Mod?

Last modified on 15 December 2023 in Garry's Mod
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer


This game mode simulates a real life in the game of Garry's Mod. To maintain a truly "real life" on servers with this mode, the developer has created a list of clear and strict rules. In case of violation of these rules, players are sent to a game prison or ban. It is just like in real life, where the laws of each country apply. Thanks to these rules and the management of the game police and server administration, it is possible to maintain the real-life simulation.


DarkRP has gained a strong reputation for its originality and users' love for Gmod. Today, servers with this mode are in the Top 5 by the number of players

Features of the mode

Game professions play an important role in the simulation of life on these servers. Depending on the wishes of the server administrator, the game can have a variety of professions, plug-ins, and additional mods.

List of professions

Homeless person - does not have his/her own housing, salary, but has the right to build a street shelter;

Citizen - an ordinary person, has a low salary, must participate in the city events;

A police officer - is a guardian of urban order. The police are supposed to keep citizens calm and public buildings safe;

Gangster - a citizen who has chosen a special way to make money. He hides from the police, commits robberies and attacks on citizens;

Gangster leader - the main person in the criminal world. All bandits coordinate special actions with the leader and give him a percentage of their earnings;

Police chief - manages the police officers, gives orders, and oversees special events in the city;

Mayor - establishes city laws. He has the right to declare a curfew, authorize the raiding of gangster hideouts, and appoint citizens to various positions;

Medic - saves people, sells medicines and monitors the health of citizens;

Weapons dealer - in a dangerous city, among gangsters and police shootouts, gives citizens the opportunity to protect themselves with firearms.


This was the default list of professions, if the server creator wishes, there can be two to four times more of them

Rules of the DarkRP mode

Below you will find a list of game rules:


These rules are made to support role-playing on the server. For violation of these rules, you may be blocked by the server administration

NonRP - following this rule, server players do not need to take actions that are impossible in real life, for example: attacking an unknown armed group of people without a motive and weapons;

Job Abuse - it is forbidden to manipulate professions for your own convenience. For example, as a bandit, you quickly change your profession to a doctor to heal your gang;

Prop Block - the prohibition of placing game blocks in order to interfere with the game for other players. This rule is used alongside NonRP, because players can build shelters for protection - this is not a violation, but building a huge statue at the entrance to your shelter to block movement is a violation of the Prop Block rule;

NLR (New Life Rule) - if your character is killed, after revival, you cannot come to the place of your death and contact the characters as your character did before death;

Prop Surf - a ban on building "ladders" with the help of blocks, moving to hard-to-reach places with the help of prop;


Prop - a variety of physical objects that can be created through the player's inventory

Free Demote - is a ban on dismissing players from their professions without a good reason and for their own benefit;


All rules and their violations are reviewed by the administration. If the violation is false, you will not be blocked. Follow the game rules, it will give players the opportunity to plunge into an interesting and fun simulation of life on the Gmod DarkRP servers

Now you know the basic rules and gameplay on DarkRP servers. Do you want to create your own great Garry's Mod server and monitor the game of other players? We will be more than happy to help you to create your own server on our website! Stay with GODLIKE.

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