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Update Version 1.6.4 in Stardew Valley

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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

Version 1.6.4 in Stardew Valley

Not long after the release of version 1.6—a major update—version 1.6.4 has arrived, bringing a host of updates including significant bug fixes, interface improvements, and new gameplay elements. The name generation system has been notably changed: two names that were considered inappropriate have been removed.

One of the key features of this update is the introduction of over 20 new variations of mine layouts, which become available after the player reaches the bottom of the main mine. A new interactive scene has also been added, unfolding at the moment a player helps expand a character’s family.

ферма гравця в грі Stadew Valley

Significant improvements have been made to existing items, including the introduction of an automatic petting device for animals, which greatly improves relationships with pets, dispensing from golden chests.

The removal of two names from the random name generator due to their inappropriateness, details of which were not officially disclosed, has prompted community members to share their experiences with unpleasant names from the generator on social media, likely included in the cleanup list.

Additionally, the update fixed numerous technical glitches, including a bug that caused animals to disappear on the farm and various crashes that occurred during building construction and interactions with objects in other scenes.

ігровий процес гри Stardew Valley

Full Change List for Stardew Valley Version 1.6.4


For convenience, you can search keywords on this page to find game changes of interest to you. Press CTRL + F and type the word in the search bar

New Content and Gameplay

  • Added 20 new "alternative" mine layouts that may appear after reaching the bottom.
  • Added 20 new volcanic mine layouts that may appear after opening a shortcut between the caldera and the volcano entrance.
  • Added fishing frenzies.
  • Added a special scene after you help your new neighbors expand their family to the maximum.
  • Added 4 new fairy styles.
  • You can now place 8 additional non-fish items in fish tanks.
  • Raccoon shop now includes trading for mysterious boxes and golden mysterious boxes.
  • Vinegar can now be poured on trees to prevent them from ever getting mossy.

Translation Changes

  • Numerous fixes and improvements to the Chinese version.
  • Corrections to Russian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Turkish, and Korean translations.
  • Changed Chinese fonts to make them more attractive and readable.
  • Changed the number separator in Hungarian from comma to dot.
  • Some improvements to the Russian font.

Balance Changes

  • When you load a save, you now unlock missed Steam achievements if necessary (e.g., achievements earned while playing offline).
  • Added a mini-trash bin as an expensive purchase in the Qi gem shop.
  • Added more variety and improvements to treasure chests in the skull cave.
  • Life elixirs now only restore health, and energy tonics now only restore energy.
  • Wild seed spots are now rarer but yield more seeds.
  • Doubled the chance of dropping iridium from an iridium golem.
  • Monsters at the volcano entrance level are now randomized daily.
  • Using a treasure totem indoors now doesn't work. This prevents their wastage.
  • Descending to the next level in mines now makes you invulnerable for 1 second.
  • Increased reward from golden mysterious boxes from 4 to 5.
  • Farming experience now contributes to mastery experience at a rate of 50%.
  • Ice balls now do not freeze a spider while it's jumping in the air.
  • Red mullet removed from the winter fishing task, and sardines from the summer fishing task.
  • You no longer gain Calico points by descending into regular mines.
  • Golden mysterious boxes now have a small chance to issue an automatic petter.
  • Slightly reduced the chance of finding mysterious boxes.
  • Barrels and coal wagons in mines now "refresh" at the beginning of each year.
  • The order of rewards in mysterious boxes is now randomized for each player instead of each save.

Visual Improvements

  • Qi club coins are now displayed in the shop menu.
  • Various map fixes and corrections.
  • Removed Maru's glasses from all beach portraits for consistency.

Convenience Improvements

  • Added a 1.2-second delay after an item falls before it can be picked up by the same player.
  • Napalm rings now do not destroy farm and inside slime coops (i.e., explosion only damages monsters).
  • Added ctrl + right-click as an alternative hotkey for resetting tools.
  • Receiving a "special message" (e.g., the first message about geodes) no longer cancels player actions such as eating or teleporting.
  • Fish that fall now no longer fall back into fishing ponds.
  • Crab traps now have a short period after collecting from them during which they cannot be removed (750 ms).
  • The Junimo bundle menu now highlights only items that can actually be placed in the selected bundle.

Other Changes

  • Minor optimizations.
  • Added two inappropriate names to the list for exclusion from the name generator.
  • You can no longer give gifts to NPCs during the green rain of year 1 (prevents inappropriate attitudes). This also prevents a portrait issue with Demetrius.

Gameplay Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where animals disappeared.
  • Fishing splash zones and ore dig points now disappear at night.
  • The prize ticket machine now consumes your ticket when you receive the reward, not when you first press the button.
  • For achieving perfection, the level 100 stardrop in the mines now has a more reliable way of checking if it was obtained.
  • Fixed compendium monsters that did not double all loot.
  • Fixed geodes that no longer fall on the farm under normal circumstances.
  • Fixed a rare crash when generating items at night.
  • Fixed player collisions with items during event scenes.
  • Fixed reduced weapon stats created before version 1.6.
  • Fixed the inability to place a torch on a sprinkler you get as a reward in CC.
  • Fixed various bugs/glitches related to cabin construction.
  • Fixed wild seeds in garden pots placing their final harvest in the top left corner of the card instead of the pot.
  • Fixed "lost and found" chests (from the night market and other places) that no longer worked in version 1.6.
  • Fixed a duplication bug with "lost and found" chests.
  • Fixed slime coop floor tiles reverting to standard after reloading the game.
  • Fixed incorrect shop ID for casino with red fireworks.
  • Fixed the general case of adopting animals that only worked with the animal catalog and only applied in year 2, instead of any year 2 or later.
  • Fixed a case where you could permanently miss the ancient seed recipe if you took the ancient seed packet but not the associated recipe and then closed the museum rewards menu. Missed recipes will also be restored upon loading the file.
  • Fixed a problem with duplicated animals and building interiors from saves up to ~1.3 version.
  • Fixed that end tables could not be turned.
  • Fixed an issue where empty barns/coops could not be removed by Robin in old saves.
  • Fixed slime egg incubators that allowed you to take the egg before it hatched.
  • Fixed farm building placement boundaries to match the object placement restrictions around it.


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Multiplayer Fixes

  • Synchronized some NPC gift data in other languages.
  • Fixed fireworks (and possibly other sprites) that were drawn outside things in multiplayer mode.
  • Fixed the "Build a silo" task that was not completed for farmhands.
  • Fixed the raccoon task that was not removed for all players.
  • Fixed a double issue with decorations when a farmhand disconnected/reconnected.
  • Fixed a double and/or missing sprite issue for derby participants in multiplayer mode. Display Text Fixes and Localization Fixes
  • Many text translation fixes and corrections.
  • Fixed a text parsing error for Asian languages that caused incorrect wrapping in some cases.
  • Fixed placement issues in Asian languages.
  • Several localization issues fixed
  • Fixed a Russian line break issue.
  • Fixed events that did not consistently handle gender-dependent text. Cosmetic Fixes
  • Fixed the order of display of base objects so that trash does not appear under them as often.
  • Grass placed now vertically shifts slightly if it crosses the front layer of the tile.
  • Fixed seasonal world map not working for non-English players.
  • Fixed flying monsters that were not drawn above things on the farm and volcano.
  • Fixed a visual shift of the reward icon in the completed task menu.
  • Fixed George's TV clipping with the farmer during green rain.
  • Fixed a movie that did not show layered sprites (e.g., the eyeball in Mysterium).
  • Fixed Qi club coins drawn under the light map.
  • Fixed layering of Qi coins during mini-games.
  • Fixed audio for crane games that did not stop when the game was forcibly closed.
  • Fixed some issues with padding in tooltips.
  • Fixed display issues with the cinema on the world map.
  • Fixed a repeating dialogue selection sound if a controller is connected but you are using the mouse.
  • Fixed an issue with entering the reward icon for tasks.
  • Fixed the roof of the Joja warehouse that was drawn over the weather (and possibly other similar cases).
  • Fixed various map issues.
  • Fixed a visual issue with shadows in the farmhouse.
  • Fixed the possibility of exchanging two chests of the same type.
  • Fixed machines that sometimes wobbled when they were not processing anything. Mod Author Fixes
  • Fixed burial data for farmhands that did not apply the burial data from Data/Locations.
  • Fixed a crash if a farm animal does not have an entry in Data/FarmAnimals.
  • Fixed ignoring festivals' annual suffixes for fields <setup>_additionalCharacters and name.
  • Fixed issues with farm animals that have a custom building for a home.
  • Fixed hardcoded assumptions about farm animal spritesheets that could cause illogical behavior with custom animals. Changes and Fixes for Players with Mods
  • Improved debugging commands.
  • Fixed some wallpapers and floors that did not appear in mod item lists.
  • Fixed broken teleports to the bus stop on farms up to version 1.6.
  • Fixed bugs and crashes due to mods that add unnamed items.
  • Fixed locking when a teleport leads to an invalid location.
  • Fixed a crash when playing events that use the replaceWithClones command.
  • Fixed a crash if an NPC has an invalid temporary dialogue.
  • Fixed the world map showing a damaged texture for custom farm types that do not override it.
  • Fixed another case of NPC duplication related to the theater.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a save if a farm Junimo was not properly removed before saving.
  • Fixed a crash if lost and found contain empty items.
  • Fixed disconnections for Steam players using mods that send messages before farmhand approval.
  • Fixed a crash when saving if a trash bin has empty slots.
  • Fixed instant return when riding the bus to the desert if mods added teleports on the desert road.
  • Fixed a crash in multiplayer mode if some players do not have the same NPC textures.

We hope that players enjoy all the game content of their favorite game before the next major update.

секретна катцсена зі Stardew Valley

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