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Effective Skills to Unlock in Stellar Blade

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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade is an exciting new action game exclusive to the PS5, offering players a branching skill unlock system similar to those in Bayonetta and Devil May Cry. The main character, Eva, can develop five separate skill trees that enhance various abilities, including dealing damage, stunning enemies, dodging attacks, performing double jumps, and more. Initially, only three skill trees are available, with two more unlocking as you progress. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you choose the best skills to start with.

From the very beginning, you have access to three skill trees: Attack, Beta, and Survival. Here are our recommendations for choosing skills in Stellar Blade at the early stage.

ігровий процес Stellar Blade


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Attack Skills

Ambush (1 Skill Point)

The game does not have a full stealth mode. You can move slowly by tilting the left joystick, but you cannot crouch to reduce footstep noise or hide from enemies’ sight. However, when you manage to get behind an enemy, the Ambush skill, costing one skill point, allows you to quickly eliminate them. This skill is not mandatory but proves extremely effective against strong opponents.

Beta Energy Regeneration (1 Skill Point)

Beta Energy is used to activate special Beta attacks, triggered with L1 and one of the face buttons. You accumulate this energy by attacking, dodging, and blocking enemy hits. Investing one skill point in Beta Energy Regeneration allows you to use these special attacks more frequently, enhancing your combat efficiency.

бій у грі Stellar Blade

Infinite Dash (1 Skill Point)

One of the basic skills you unlock early in the game is the Dash, which allows Eva to quickly close the distance to the enemy and strike. Using Dash increases both the range and power of the attack, making this skill indispensable for close combat.

Beta Skills

Shield Breaker (1 Skill Point)

At the start, you have two basic Beta skills: Trinity, a powerful three-strike attack, and Slash, a wide horizontal swing. Shield Breaker is a counter-attack involving a jump and strike that stuns enemies and breaks their shields using L1 and X. This skill is particularly effective against shielded enemies as it destroys their defensive mechanisms.

Wave Strike (1 Skill Point)

Wave Strike completes your basic arsenal of Beta skills. For one skill point, L1 and Circle release two blade beams in an X shape, enhancing melee capabilities and allowing for ranged attacks.

катсцена у грі Stellar Blade

Survival Skills

Lightning Maneuver (1 Skill Point)

Enemies can also perform deadly strikes marked by blue or purple indicators. The Lightning Maneuver, costing one skill point, allows you to completely evade these attacks. Using this skill teleports you behind the enemy when both Eva and the enemy glow, leaving the opponent stunned.

Focus Boost (2 Skill Points)

Worth two skill points, Focus Boost makes it easier to perform Perfect Parries, allowing you to execute them more frequently.

використання здібностей Stellar Blade

Perfect Dodge (1 Skill Point)

This skill allows you to avoid any attack by pressing Circle at the right moment. Performing a Perfect Dodge protects you from all damage, and for one skill point, you can immediately counterattack by pressing Triangle.

Reflection (1 Skill Point)

Reflection enhances your counterattack after a Perfect Dodge. Press Square instead of Triangle after dodging to execute a more powerful counter that stuns the enemy and temporarily boosts Eva's attack speed.

Instinct Enhancement (2 Skill Points)

Another valuable investment, Instinct Enhancement, for two skill points, significantly simplifies performing Perfect Dodges during combat.

Deflection (1 Skill Point)

Similar to Lightning Maneuver, Deflection avoids deadly attacks but targets purple indicators. Eva retreats from the enemy, exposing their weak spot for easy ranged bombardments and boosting her ranged attack potential.

головна героїня Stellar Blade

Threat Analysis (2 Skill Points)

Like Instinct Enhancement and Focus Boost, Threat Analysis makes it easier to perform evasive maneuvers, such as Lightning Maneuver and Deflection.

With these 12 skills, you are fully prepared for encounters in Stellar Blade. While many other skills available as you progress through the game can be tailored to your play style, you will eventually accumulate enough skill points to master all abilities. With the ability to reset skills at any time, you can always adapt your abilities to current challenges.

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