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Obtaining Bronze and the Fishing Rod in Hades 2

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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

Obtaining Bronze for Fishing Rod Access

In the latest release from Supergiant Games, Hades 2, players face a range of new features introduced to this series for the first time. Among these new features is the collection of materials in the Underworld and other locations, including Psyche and the Fabric of Fate, which are vital for accessing new tools and upgrades in the early stages. The initial process can be challenging.

риболовля в Hades 2

The primary problem at the beginning of the game is acquiring bronze. This material is particularly important if you already have silver tools in your arsenal. Here is a detailed guide on how to find bronze in Hades 2, which is necessary to unlock the fishing rod.


Where to Find Bronze in Hades 2

The path to bronze in Hades 2 leads through the city of Ephyra. It's important to note that bronze cannot be found in the Underworld; it is only available on the surface.

To reach the surface, you first need to open the gates at the Crossroads. Next, you will need to lift the family curse from Melinoë, which will allow her to move freely in Ephyra and the surrounding areas.

локація бронзи в Hades 2

After completing the preparatory steps, make sure to equip yourself with a Crescent Pickaxe before beginning your exploration on the surface. While wandering through Ephyra, you will come across piles of discarded bronze armor. The procedure here is simple: collect the bronze using the pickaxe during or after combat.

здобуття бронзи в Hades 2

Some may find it possible to collect these resources even when the curse is still active. However, in my own experience, interacting with bronze piles under these conditions was impossible—I could only interact with the moss lying on the ground. What advantages does collecting bronze offer? The next section will provide more details.


The Role of Bronze in Hades 2

The primary purpose of bronze in Hades 2 is to unlock the fishing rod. This feature, carried over from the first game, remains the same in the current early access version—it is a minigame that allows players to collect various artifacts. However, unlocking this feature requires additional steps.

To activate the fishing rod in Hades 2, you need to obtain two units of the Fabric of Fate and one bronze. Accordingly, fishing spots will not be accessible until you can reach the surface and lift the curse, allowing free exploration.

бронза Hades 2

Additionally, bronze is crucial for obtaining the Argent Skull, the fifth weapon available for Melinoë. For this, you will need one unit of bronze and two pieces of Glass Stone, found in the Mourning Fields. While this weapon is attractive, I advise focusing on the fishing rod first to start building your fish collection. Furthermore, after gaining access to the Aspects of Night and Darkness, you will find that several of them also require bronze, so it is always useful to gather from the nearest bronze pile in Ephyra whenever possible.

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