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How to add datapacks to Minecraft server?

Last modified on 15 December 2023 in Minecraft
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Vladyslav Kryshtafovych

Vladyslav Kryshtafovych

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How to add datapacks to minecraft server?

Datapack is a set of files that allows you to save, add, and overwrite achievements, features, loot tables, designs, recipes and tags without changing any code.

  • To install a datapack on your Minecraft server, you need to download it. Typically, datapacks are .zip archived files.


    Download datapacks only from trusted sites, because viruses can be archived in .zip format without being detected by antivirus programs.

  • Now open the directory where your server is located and find the "world" folder in File Manager using Godlike panel.
  • In the "world" folder, find the "datapacks" subfolder, where you need to transfer our .zip archive with the datapack.
  • After installing the datapack, restart your server to make it work.

Datapack commands

Here is a complete list of commands for datapacks to help you manage them.

/datapack enable             enables the selected datapack on the server.
/datapack disable            disables the selected datapack on the server
/datapack list                   displays all available enabled and disabled datapacks.

Common errors

The "datapacks" folder is missing

In some cases, the game may not create a "datapacks" folder, or it may simply not have one if it was a custom map that was loaded. To fix this, enter your world directory and click the "New Folder" button in the upper left corner. Name it "datapacks" and press the "Enter" button. After that, you can install datapacks as described above.

Datapacks do not work

Check if the version of the downloaded datapack matches your server version and if the file is a .zip archive. If everything is correct, open the file and check if it contains another archive, if so, try moving the internal archive to the "datapacks" folder. If this does not help, try enabling the datapack with the /datapack enable <name> console command.


Some data packages may have special installation and configuration requirements, be sure to read the installation instructions!

You can create your own server with datapacks using our Godlike.host services. We guarantee you the stable operation of your server and qualified support in setting it up.


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