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About Us

Godlike.host is a team of professionals with a great reputation for hosting services. We’ve decided to unite in order to create a new project with acceptable prices, a convenient control panel and a handy technical support. You can rent a hosting from us to create a game server, which will pleasantly surprise you with its 24/7 uptime, uninterrupted work and easy customization.

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Excellent ( 4,7/5 )
The best Minecraft host ever!

The best Minecraft host ever!

I rent Minecraft here for the third month (4gb), addons and plugins are installed directly from the panel, very quickly, I have not seen anything like this before))

They provide sftp access, so you can change the startup flags on your panel without contacting customer support.

With the replacement of games, the game became even more interesting!

From the beginning I bought Minecraft, but then changed to GTA, everything is absolutely free, and most importantly it takes only a matter of seconds

Amazing hosting

Everything is at the highest level, Tech support is fast and efficient, the hardware is just a bomb, the servers are super, I bought an average build for the Unturned server, nothing lags, does not hang, the average ping is 45.
Hosting is just a bomb👍

Godlike.host looks like a promising…

Godlike.host looks like a promising project with a great website. I look forward to opening

Exceptional support from Godlike

Average chat response rate
9.78out of 10
Average score on feedback
Average response time to ticket
Training articles and video lessons
The best support is expressed through words, but through actions

In case of an error on your game server, our support operator is already well-equipped to resolve it. We keep many years of experience in tackling complex issues, which we pass on to new team members. Therefore, any operator will be capable of assisting with your server.

If you find instructions perplexing - the operator will guide you by the hand through the process and explain complexities in simple words.

Should you be uncertain about hosting suitable for your purposes - the operator will ask you about your expectations, consult with the technical department and select the right tariff plan. Our goal is to foster a desire for long-lasting partnership, rather than simply promoting the most expensive tariff plan.

You are upset because the server is slow and cannot cope with your number of players - the operator will not only assess your server for optimization and give you advice, but will also try to cheer you up while we address the problem.

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The best gaming hosting is the hosting that won't leave you in trouble and won't distract you from working on your server
Okay, let's make a server already!

Why pay for hosting if you have a free one?

Free hosting might seem enticing, but it is not without its drawbacks. Let's explore why it is better to order a gaming hosting from Godlike than to waste time on a free one.
Free hosting:
  • lack or limited support service;
  • sluggish server performance;
  • limited resources;
  • advertisements in the IP of your server;
  • advertising in the game panel;
  • restricted panel features;
  • queue to get a server;
  • risk of unexplained deletion.
Hosting is cheaper than two burgers:
  • the support team works for you and will answer any question;
  • control of the load on the servers, so the servers work quickly;
  • enough resources for the normal operation of the server;
  • the ability to build a server on more demanding plugins and mods;
  • lack of advertising;
  • hosting has obligations to you, which are described in the public offer.

Premium Game Server Hosting

  • High performance game servers with low latency
  • High performance game servers with low latency
  • Why choose Godlike.host hosting?
  • Premium Gameserver Hosting From Godlike.Host
  • How to set up Game Server Hosting
  • Supported Games & Software
  • Why host with Godlike.Host
  • Security and reliability
  • Customization options
  • Pricing and plans
  • Start Your Game Server Today

High performance game servers with low latency

The functioning of online games uniting tens of thousands of gamers in one virtual universe requires powerful hardware. A hosting tailored for these tasks will be an excellent option for creating and managing game servers without interruption.

What is game hosting?

We are talking about a service that allows you to host online game engines on servers that have a stable Internet connection.

It must be understood that online projects are quite gluttonous and require significant resources, so if you want to create your own server that will function 24/7, you will need an appropriate hosting.


  • Will my friends from other countries be able to connect to the server?

    Yes, people from any country will be able to connect to your server without any difficulty.

  • Can I upgrade my server configuration after ordering?

    Of course! You can increase the capacity of your server at any time. We have a fully automated self-service system that you can access from the client area. When you upgrade, you will only need to pay a prorated amount (the difference between your current and selected plan).

  • Can I transfer my current server to Godlike?

    Of course! We provide full SFTP access to your server, making it easy to load worlds/plugins. We highly recommend downloading the FTP client: FileZilla. If at the moment you have a Minecraft server on another hosting, you can easily transfer your current server files automatically (using our server import system), or with the help of support - just contact us!

  • How long does it take to create a server?

    You will get access to each game we offer within minutes of set-up. After you confirm the order, our automatically provisioned system will immediately deploy your game server.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    You can pay for your server with cryptocurrency.
    Credit/Debit Card/Google Pay/Apple Pay
    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other cards.

  • What games do you support?

    We offer a wide selection of games. Minecraft Java, Bedrock, Unturned, Rust, ARMA 3, and others are available in one click to provide the best gaming experience.

  • Can I switch games or server types without losing data?

    All files will be deleted if you change the game. But our automatic backups guarantee your data will not be lost, so you can restore them from it in the future.

  • How do I manage my server settings?

    Go to the highly customized Pterodactyl game panel and select your server, where you will find all the settings you need.

  • What kind of hardware do you use for your servers?

    We host our servers on the most advanced Ryzen-based processors and use the fastest RAM and SSD drives to ensure the best stability and performance.

  • Do you offer server backups and restoration?

    Of course. We provide 3 free backups, but you can purchase more if you need that.

  • How do I cancel my subscription or delete my server?

    You are free to cancel your service anytime. Go to the services page on our payment portal and select the service you want to cancel, then click "Cancel Request". There you can fill out the form.

  • Do you offer server monitoring or alerts?

    We provide full-fledged console access and monitor server resources (RAM, CPU, SSD, Traffic).



20% off

First month!

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