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How to download plugins to the Minecraft server

Last modified on 02 October 2023 in Minecraft
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

Plugins for your Minecraft server

Downloading plugins is one of the most important things for a vibrant game and the operation of your Minecraft server, especially if you have high-quality plugins, it will be easier to attract new players. Plugins are used to make the game experience more interesting, convenient, and diverse; there are more than tens of thousands of plugins to choose from.

Uploading plugins to the server

In order for your plugin to work perfectly on the server, you need to have a suitable kernel, such as Bukkit or Spigot, because the (vanilla) Vanilla server, on a regular kernel, cannot support plugin uploads. You can download any core yourself, for this you will need to set up an SFTP connection using the FileZilla program. You can also download plugins through the GODLIKE server panel.


Already have a Minecraft server in the GODLIKE service? Add plugins using our panel - click on the link

Download with FileZilla


Be sure to check that the plugin matches the settings of your server to avoid errors in operation

1) For a quality connection, you need to connect your server data. To get your data, go to the server control panel, go to "General Settings" in the menu and view the SFTP data.


In order to learn how to use the SFTP connection using our server panel, we suggest you read our guide

2) Go to FileZilla and enter the connection address in the "Host" field; login in the "User" field, and your SFTP password must match the password in the server panel, then click "Connect".

3) With the connection to the SFTP server established, open the folder named "plugins" and fill it with the desired plugins.


If this folder is missing, create it in the server folder

The plugin extension should look like "plugin.jar". This is the main file, if your plugin has additional files, add them to the "plugins" folder as well.

4) Restart your server and check the status of the plugin in the game. You're done.

Downloading in the GODLIKE panel

1) Log in to your GODLIKE account.

2) Click on the small circle with your profile photo. It is located at the top right of the page.

3) On the new page, you will see a vertical menu on the left, click on "My servers" to go to the list of servers and select the one you need.

4) On the left, in the "Server Management" section, select the "File Manager" subsection by clicking on it with the left mouse button. Next, enter the plugins folder.

5) In the plugins folder, click on the blue "Upload" button and select the plugins you need, then confirm the download.


Uploading folders and files larger than 100 MB is not supported through the panel file manager, please use SFTP

Congratulations on successfully uploading plugins to the server! To add more features, experiment with different types of plugins: graphic, gameplay, technical, and try uploading mods. You can find the steps for preparing a server for mods and uploading them on our website.

Stay with GODLIKE, and enjoy the game!

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