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How to install Terraria mods using Tmodloader?

Last modified on 19 April 2024 in Terraria
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Vladyslav Kryshtafovych

Vladyslav Kryshtafovych

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Terraria mods

The world of Terraria is full of adventures - you'll come across wizards, huge skeletons, and many other interesting and dangerous things. But sooner or later, you will explore and conquer the entire map, and then the game may become uninteresting for you. However, thanks to the game's support for modifications, the pixelated world you already know can sparkle with new colors, because the variety of Terraria mods is huge. Do you need a small interface mod? Or a huge modpack with a bunch of bosses and items? It doesn't matter, because after reading this article, you'll be able to install any mods you want.

What is tModLoader and how to download it?

tModLoader (TML) -  is an open-source, community-driven modification and expansion of the Terraria game that makes it possible to make and play mods. TML expands your Terraria adventures with new content to explore created by the Terraria community.

  1. Go to Steam, the "Store" tab (1). In the search, write "Tmodloader" (2) and open the page of the proposed option (3).
  2. Install Tmodloader and run it from your library.
  3. Agree with the pop-up window and wait for the download, after which you will find yourself in the main menu.

How to download and enable Terraria mods?

  1. In the Tmodloader main menu, select "Workshop".
  2. The "Workshop Hub" menu opens. In this menu, we can manage mods (1), engage in development (2), download new mods (3) or modpacks (builds) (4). Let's try to download a mod. To do this, select "Download Mods" (3).
  3. We have opened the "Mod Browser" here we can select the mods we are interested in and download them. For example, let's select the "Wing Slot" mod (1), click on the question mark (2) to read its short description, click on the arrows to download the mod (3).


    Not all mods are safe and 100% functional, some of them can break your world or character, be careful!

  4. Return to the previous menu and select "Manage Mods". In the menu that opens, we need to enable the downloaded mods, to do this, click on the "Disabled" inscription, after this it turns into "Enabled" (1). If we want to remove a mod from the list, use the trash button (2). For the mods to work, you need to restart the client, it will do it automatically if you return to the main menu.
  5. Enter the world and check the mod's operation. In our case, the mod adds a new slot for wings in the inventory, as we can see it has appeared, so the mod works as expected.

What errors can be encountered in Tmodloader?

The Terraria mod is not loading

It is most likely that this problem is not your fault. There may be problems on the servers from which the mods are downloaded at the moment. Please wait for a while and try again.

The game with Terraria mods crashes

Most likely, one or more mods are crashing your client, try disabling all mods and enabling them one by one to find the problematic ones. If the world without mods also crashes, try creating a new one, perhaps the previous world contains a critical error.

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