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Managing PvP/PvE Modes on a 7 Days To Die Server

Last modified on 19 April 2024 in 7 Days To Die
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

PvP and PvE

PvP mode allows players to engage in battles with each other. This adds complexity to the game because each time you play, another player may attack you and take resources, but you can also do the same if you have the advantage. PvE mode is designed for players to play together against hostile mobs, but not to fight each other, pooling all efforts against zombies, ensuring peace among players on the server.


Learn how to install mods on your 7 Days To Die server

How to enable/disable the required mode

List of modes

0 - PvE Players cannot harm each other.
1 - PvP with consent Players can engage in combat if both agree.
2 - PvP with strangers Players can fight anyone not in their allies group.
3 - PvP global All players can fight each other.

1) Open the game panel of your server.

GODLIKE website main page

2) Go to the File Manager section, find and open the serverconfig.xml file.

GODLIKE game panel file manager

3) In the file, locate the line PlayerKillingMode, and in quotes after the value, enter the corresponding number to select the PvP/PvE mode, as shown in the screenshot:

setup server file

Now you know how to manage game modes and can enable the desired mode according to the players' preferences. Play together with GODLIKE.

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