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Game server tuning

A gaming world without borders - your servers, our concern.

We don't just set up servers, we breathe life into them so that you can inspire your players.

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Why you should choose us

We offer game server tuning for any tariff, both free and paid.

We are aware of the incredible number of plugins and mods out there, and that not all of them are compatible with each other. But thanks to our experience in solving hundreds of game customization cases, we guarantee that we will do our best for any of the games we offer.

The magic begins with the first click: choose a game, select a tariff, and start creating your project with our expert support!

Professional server management

We have configured hundreds of servers and are ready to help you implement your unique project

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From plugins to domains, we offer a full range of services for the perfect running of any game on your server. Plugins? Permissions? World maps? We can customize everything!

  • Installation of up to 10 plugins per month (for Minecraft), for other games the number depends on the time equivalent to Minecraft.
  • Personalized rights settings.
  • Correct loading of world maps.
  • Assistance in setting up domains.

For only $9.00 per month

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Technical magic in one click

Be confident in the stability of your server - we are always there

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We’ll solve problems faster than you can say ‘Creeper! Oops!’ and make sure they don’t come back like annoying zombies after the sun goes down.

  • Diagnosing and fixing errors.
  • Help in setting up the server.

For only $4.00 per month

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GeyserMC and BungeeCord

Let everyone find their way into your gaming multiverse.

Install GeyserMC

We will provide GeyserMC integration and BungeeCord setup to create a single gaming network.

  • GeyserMC: Connecting cross-platform players? Easier than ever!
  • BungeeCord: Connect your Spigot servers into a single network!

For only $5.00

Install GeyserMC
Installation and Support of Modpack

Personalize your world with intelligence.

Install the modpack

Modpacks are game-changing, but they can be tricky to install. We make sure that you can focus on the game, not on customization and technical details.

  • Tell us the name of the modpack and we’ll do everything for you: from installation to customization.
  • We’ll keep you updated on any new updates.
  • You will receive full support for installing one modpack.

For only $5.00 per month

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Exclusive Support in Discord

Direct line with experts.

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Friendly support and professional advice in an exclusive, dedicated channel. For you and your team.

  • Need urgent help? We are online and ready to provide it with a high priority.
  • Each of your questions is important to us, and we take full responsibility for solving them.

For only $10.00 per month

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Turnkey Minecraft server development

Full Minecraft server development

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Individual approach to creating your unique Minecraft server.
The price of the service is determined individually depending on your needs and the complexity of the project

  • Server settings.
  • Setting up a proxy
  • Optimization
  • Setting up all SQL databases
  • Setting up protection and anti-reads
  • Development of plugins of almost any complexity on both Paper and
  • Velocity proxies
  • Creating and customizing mod assemblies
  • Writing mods on Fabric (limited experience so far)
  • Building maps of any complexity
  • Development of role-playing games (RPGs) of any complexity
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We are your reliable partner in the world of game servers. Hundreds of projects have been realized with our help, and we are ready to put all our skills to work for your server.

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