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7 Days to Die Leaves Early Access

Last modified on 05 June 2024 in 7 Days To Die
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

Path to Full Release

After more than a decade of development and improvements, the popular zombie game "7 Days to Die" has announced its transition from early access to the final version 1.0. This game, which initially appeared on Steam's early access platform in 2013 and expanded to console platforms three years later, now offers an updated version that console players will need to purchase to access new features and content.


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Significant Milestone in 2013

The year 2013 marked a significant development in the gaming industry with the introduction of the early access system, promising players future updates and additional content. This model gained popularity following the success of Minecraft, which set a precedent for continuous updates and expansions. In March 2013, Valve introduced the official early access system on its Steam platform, and by December, "7 Days to Die" had become one of the first major projects to utilize this system.

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Upcoming Update

As announced on April 20, the update for "7 Days to Die," formerly known as Alpha 22, is scheduled for release in June. Developers from Fun Pimps stated that this update was initially planned as version 1.0. They plan to conduct a pre-release experimental version in May, followed by a stable retail version in June. Although the price of the game will rise to $45, it can be purchased at a discounted price of $6 until the official release.

The release instructions detail the state of the console versions. The initial versions for PS4 and Xbox One, developed by Iron Galaxy in 2016 and distributed by Telltale Games, ceased receiving updates after Telltale's bankruptcy in 2017. Although The Fun Pimps took control of the project in 2019, updates were not resumed. Since then, the gaming community has been awaiting news about the fate of the console versions and potential updates.

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Additionally, the original console versions will soon be removed from sale and will no longer receive support or updates to the latest version. Existing save files will also become unusable. The developers have promised discounts to those who previously purchased the game, but access to new features and content in "7 Days to Die" on the latest generation of consoles will require repurchasing the game.

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