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How to Defeat the Raid Boss Bellanoir Libero in Palworld

Last modified on 10 July 2024 in
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

Boss Bellanoir Libero (Second Boss Level)

The confrontation with Bellanoir Libero shares many similarities with the regular version; however, this version has significantly increased power and double the health. A crucial moment occurs when Bellanoir Libero's health decreases, causing a shift from Dark to Ice type, effectively reducing the effectiveness of many Dragons you have likely accumulated. To effectively counter this transformation, integrate Fire-type Pokémon into your team, while setting aside the now vulnerable Dragons.


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бос Bellanoir Libero

Optimal Team Composition

Jormuntide Ignis emerges as the best choice in this situation. Capable of striking as both a Dragon and a Fire type, it deals substantial damage to Bellanoir Libero throughout the confrontation. Blazehowl Noct, being a Fire/Dark type, is resilient against Dark-type attacks and deals significant damage during the Ice phase—a capability also possessed by Pyrin Noct and Vanwyrm. However, Dragon/Dark Astegon proves to be a better choice due to the late onset of the Ice phase.

Jetragon continues to be a valuable asset both in your main lineup and at the base, thanks to its ability to master Fire maneuvers. Chillet can serve as your mount for most of the battle. Including Gobfins in your team is also beneficial, as they provide a passive increase to the player's attack.

базаз гравця в Palworld

In the Ice phase, switch your mount to Ragnahawk. Its partner ability, Flame Wing, delivers fire strikes during riding. The ground mount Pyrin has a similar impact with its partner ability, Red Hare. Be sure to bring your strongest Fire reinforcements for the final phase of the battle and keep your Palbox in a safe place, protected from damage.

Boss Bellanoir Libero Ultra (Third Boss Level)

Accessing the Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) version requires first defeating the regular Bellanoir Libero. After this victory, the Pal will release a specific slab for Bellanoir Libero (Ultra), which can be activated at another Summoning Altar you construct. Overall, the tactics and strategies remain similar, except the ultra model has double the health compared to the regular Bellanoir Libero.

битва з босом Bellanoir Libero в Palworld

If you encounter difficulties, breed elite Pals like Jormuntide Ignis and Jetragon to use the PalCondenser to enhance your top fighters. Apply a similar enhancement strategy to your best Gobfins, Chillet, and Ragnahawk. Prepare stimulating characteristic dishes for all your active Pals and stay close to your Palbox to ensure timely replacements of Pals when necessary.


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