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Harbor and Bradley Updates in Rust

Last modified on 14 June 2024 in RUST
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

Expansions and Improvements in the Update

Rust, the hardcore survival game set in an ever-changing environment, has released its latest updates, keeping players on their toes. These enhancements range from advanced weaponry and updated battlefields to gameplay improvements, injecting new energy into the game.


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New Weapon - Minigun

Prepare for the introduction of the minigun, a significant boost to the Rust arsenal. Equipped with 300 rounds of 556 caliber ammunition, this weapon dominates in combat and raid defense. Using the minigun requires a special backpack for ammunition and is typically used in specific scenarios.

нова зброя minigun в Rust

The minigun can be found on heavy scientists or in containers, with the unique feature that it can only be reloaded at a Level 2 workbench.

Enhanced Bradley Protection

The deployment of Bradley scientists has significantly complicated encounters with Bradley. When Bradley sustains significant damage, it creates a smoke screen and calls in four NPC scientists for protection, adding a new strategic level to these encounters.

науковці в Rust

This feature not only increases the potential loot from the bodies of scientists but also extends the time required to defeat Bradley.

Harbor, New Territory, and Loot

Significant changes have been made to the Harbor monuments following the last update, adapting them for the Cargo Ship event. Each Cargo Ship now regularly docks, is loaded with large red containers, and departs.

With the addition of cranes and moving bridges, the updated Harbors offer new challenges and opportunities for exploration. Interaction on the Cargo Ship and in Harbor has become more dynamic.

локація Harbor в Rust

Cargo Ship Events in Harbor

The updated Cargo Ship event now includes a docking process at certain Harbors. When the Cargo Ship approaches, the moving bridge opens, providing players with new opportunities for interaction, including the possibility of secretly boarding by hiding in red containers.

Installing doors on both sides of the ship facilitates access during docking, enhancing players' strategic possibilities.

Cargo Ship Harbor Rust

Access to Oil Rigs via Moonpools

The introduction of moonpools on oil rigs provides new strategies for infiltration, offering players alternative routes to access these locations.

With multiple exits and climbing opportunities, moonpools open up new tactical possibilities, although access requires a green access card.

Electricity Improvements in Rust

The latest update has refined the electricity management system in Rust, optimizing energy consumption and simplifying control over the energy infrastructure, ensuring more efficient and smooth base management.

Електричні споруди в Rust

These updates have brought new opportunities and challenges in Rust, enhancing the dynamics of the game and enriching the survival experience in this challenging world.

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