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How to Make a Backup of Your Minecraft World

Last modified on 17 April 2024 in Godlike Panel
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

Backup of Minecraft World

Backup, necessary for many tasks, is essential for important things such as your Minecraft server. With it, you have the ability to save the server and necessary game worlds, in case you encounter an error or problems. By downloading a previously created backup with no obstacles, you can return to the game without losing necessary data.

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Creating a backup in the GODLIKE panel:

1) Go to your account on the GODLIKE website by clicking on your profile photo circle.

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2) On the left in your list, click "My Servers" and select the desired Minecraft server in the middle of the screen.

my servers

3) In the selected server, on the left in the "Server Management" section, there is a subsection "Backup", in this tabclick the blue "Create Backups" . Done!

backup settings in game panel


For more detailed information about backups, we invite you to review our backup guide

Automatic Backup

For more flexible backup settings for your server, you can use the "Scheduler" in our GODLIKE panel. Thanks to automated backup functions, they will be done at the time you need. This way, it will be more convenient to take care of the server, dealing with other important matters and adding new game features. Click to learn more about the Scheduler.

Creating a backup through plugins

You need to download the appropriate plugin to your Minecraft server. For example, "SimpleBackups". With it, it is possible to create copies while in the game, by typing special commands. Instructions for using the plugin can be found online.

simple backups logo


We invite you to familiarize yourself with our simple guide on installing plugins on a gaming server

Creating a backup with FileZilla

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1) You need to set up an SFTP connection of your Minecraft server data with FileZilla. To obtain your data, go to the server control panel, enter the "General Settings" menu, and review the SFTP data.


To learn how to thoroughly use the SFTP connection using our server panel

2) Enter FileZilla and type the Connection Address in the "Host" field; Login in the "User" field, also your SFTP password must match the password in the server panel, after that click Connect.

filezilla setup


Before downloading the backup, create a folder in which you will store your file copies. Also, make sure you have a stable network connection to avoid data loss during copying

3) When connected to the SFTP server, go to the "/" folder, right-click on it and select the "Download" function, specifying the folder in which you want to create copies.

filezilla backups creating

After creating the backup, if necessary to load the copy instead of current data, move all files from the backup folder to the "/" folder confirming the file replacement.

Now you know how to create backups of your world in Minecraft. We hope you will not face difficulties in the game and server setup! Stay with GODLIKE.

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