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How to connect to Minecraft server?

Last modified on 15 December 2023 in Minecraft
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

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How to connect to Minecraft server?

Connecting to the Minecraft Java server:
1) Before launching the launcher, find out the address of the server you want to play on. This can be a numeric address ( or an alphabetic address (play.hivemc.com).

2) When you have obtained the desired address, launch your Minecraft launcher. If available or desired, log in to your game account, before launching the game menu. Make sure you have selected the Java version.

3) After the main menu is loaded, click the "Multiplayer" button.


Important: when you go to the list of servers, after clicking the button, you may see a Windows Firewall window pop up, in which you need to "Allow access" for the network game. If the firewall window does not open, then you must have previously granted access to the network.

4) In the new menu, there are two buttons you will need: "Direct Connection" and "Add Server".

Connection by address (without adding a server to the table):

If you want to connect to a server without adding it to the general list, click the "Direct connection" button and enter the server address in the empty field. Then click the "Join Server" button and wait for the connection to load.

Adding a server to the table:

If you want to add a server to the general list of all servers, click the "Add Server" button, then enter the required address in the "Server Address" field. You can also add your own name to this server in the upper field. This name will be displayed only in your launcher. After that, click the "Done" button, then your new server will be automatically added to the list of servers, and you can access it by double-clicking on it in the table.

Connecting to the Minecraft Bedrock server:#.
1) Before launching the launcher, find out the address of the server you need, it can be a digital address ( or an alphabetic address (play.hivemc.com).

2) If you already have the required address, launch your Minecraft launcher and log in to your game account (if any), then launch the game on the Windows version (Bedrock).

3) When the game menu loads, click the "Play" button.

4) Next, click the "Servers" button in the upper right corner of the menu.

5) In the "Servers" tab, click the "Add Server" button at the bottom left.

6) Here you can add the server name in the "Server name" field, the required address in the "Server address" field and the port address in the "Port" field.


The port is the digits that are written after the colon in the address "111.111.111:2222" or as a separate part if the address is alphabetic.

After that, you can immediately click "Play" and log in to the server, or add it to the table by clicking "Save" and then log in to it by double-clicking in the server table.

Now you know how to add your favorite Minecraft server.
We wish you a pleasant and fun game, stay with GODLIKE.

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