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How to create a Minecraft server?

Last modified on 27 December 2023 in Minecraft
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

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Install Minecraft on your computer

Download the Minecraft launcher from its official website (or update it if you downloaded it earlier), then run MinecraftInstaller.exe (or Minecraft.dmg on MacOS). The installer will download the necessary files and prompt you to launch the launcher when it is finished.

To access the game, you will need to sign in to the Microsoft account where you purchased Minecraft.

Once you are in the Minecraft Launcher, you need to make sure you are playing the latest version of the game. Make sure that MINECRAFT: Java Edition is selected in the left column and that you are running the latest version. This guide assumes that you are running Minecraft version 1.20.1, the latest version at the time of writing.

Click the "Play" button. Once you're in the main menu, you can close Minecraft and continue to the next step.

Install or update your Java version

Running a Minecraft server requires a specific version of Java, and you may need to update it before proceeding.

Minecraft 1.20.1 requires Java version 20.. or higher to run. Download the required Java version from the official website. Make sure that "Java 20" is selected, and then download the appropriate file for your device.

Run the installer, after which Java will install the necessary files. The program may ask you to uninstall the previous version. When it is finished, you can close the installer.

Downloading the .JAR server file

After setting up Minecraft and Java, download the official server file from the Minecraft website. Make sure the server version matches the version of Minecraft you have installed, in this case 1.20.1. Save the server.jar file to a convenient folder.

Creating a folder for your server

Next, create a new folder. It can be anywhere. Name it whatever you want. It will contain all the necessary files, including the Minecraft world itself.

Now move the server.jar file from its original location to the folder of your server that you created.

Starting the server

To start the Minecraft server, you need your device's console.

Type cmd in the search bar of your computer (bottom left) and launch the terminal (console).

First, run the change directory command by typing "cd" followed by the path to your Minecraft Server folder. For example, if you are using Windows and the folder is located in the Documents directory, the command will look like this:

cd C:\Users\Your username\Documents\Minecraft Server

The command prompt should update to the new folder location. This tells you that the command prompt is looking for the server.jar file in the correct location.

To start the server for the first time, enter the following command:

java -jar server.jar --nogui

This will create the necessary files in the Minecraft Server folder you created earlier. However, the server will not start until the End User License Agreement is accepted.

Stop the server by entering the /stop command at the command prompt.

Next, navigate to the Minecraft Server folder, find the eula.txt file, and open it. Change the bottom line from eula=false to eula=true. Save and close the text document.

Restart the server

You are almost done configuring the server. Start the server again with the following command:

java -jar server.jar

This time the server is fully initialized. You may be prompted to allow the program to run through your computer's firewall, which you should agree to.

The graphical user interface (GUI) window of the server will open. It displays the same information as in the command line, as well as a list of active players and technical statistics received by the server. The server must be up and running and accessible from the computer you are running it on.

You can check this by launching Minecraft, selecting "Multiplayer" and then "Direct Connection". In the server address field, enter "localhost" and click "Join Server".

After a successful connection to the server, your username should appear on the "Players" tab in the server's graphical interface.

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