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How to Quickly Obtain Power Armor in Fallout 76

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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

Obtaining Power Armor in Fallout 76

In the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 76, where radiation and dangers are ubiquitous, finding power armor is an essential part of survival. These sturdy metal suits provide critical protection throughout the vast game environment. Finding them might seem challenging, but it becomes achievable as you reach certain levels in the game.

силова броня Fallout 76

The game map has several locations where you can find power armor parts. Exploring these areas, you can come across components like arms or legs, which can be attached to a frame to form a complete protective suit. If you find that a location has already been looted by another player, you will either have to wait for a reset or try your luck on another server.


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Here is a list of power armor types and the minimum level required to find them:

  • Raider Set: available from level 15;
  • T-45 Set: available from level 25;
  • T-51b Set: available from level 30;
  • T-60 Set: available from level 40.

Locations near Vault 76 where you can find these armor sets:

Raider Armor

  • Behind the “Lookout”;
  • East building in WV Lumber Co.;
  • Basement of Sunnytop Ski Lanes.

T Series Armor

  • Roof in Point Pleasant, on the northern outskirts of the town;
  • In one of the cars at Morgantown Trainyard;
  • Booby-trapped warehouse southeast of Mama Dolce’s Food Processing.

різні типи силової броні Fallout 76

You can use power armor chassis for extra protection and strength even if you haven’t reached the required level yet. It’s also wise to start collecting fusion cores in advance, as they power the armor, with one found in each chassis you open. A simple way to get a full set of armor is to choose a location like the Lookout or the warehouse near Mama Dolce’s, scout it, and then switch to another server for a new search.

For more experienced players, there are special suits available only after completing certain quests:

  • Excavator Set: available from level 25;
  • Ultracite Set: available from level 50;
  • X-01 Set: available from level 50.

Miner Miracles Quest

The Ultracite and X-01 suits are meant for later stages of the game. However, the Excavator set becomes available at level 25 after completing a simple but lengthy quest called Miner Miracles:

ігрова мапа Fallout 76

  1. Start by interacting with one of the Garrahan Mining posters located on the map, such as near the company store in Camden Park.
  2. Head to the main office of Garrahan Mining.
  3. Select the "Memo: Excavator Queries" option on the reception terminal.
  4. Choose "Excavator Module Blueprints" on the research and development (R&D) terminal.
  5. Assemble the combat armor by gathering all the necessary materials. The final step is the hardest. It’s recommended to claim a workshop for resource extraction, while other materials like glass, rubber, and steel can be easily obtained by collecting and scrapping various items. Black titanium, a rare material on the list, can be acquired by defeating mole miners in Ash Heap.

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