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How to edit Minecraft server properties

Last modified on 08 January 2024 in Running a server
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Valeriy Stereo

Valeriy Stereo

CCO, Creative Director

Hello Godlikers!

In this guide, we will look at what settings for minecraft server hosting you can make using the "Server Prorerties" menu in "Minecraft Management" or manually in the file in File Manager

Description of parameters


Next, there will be a list of parameters in this format: Command Available values ​​[Default value]


allow-flight true/false

Allows the player to fly in the Minecraft world. This option only applies to flights in Survival mode and is only effective if you have the corresponding plugin (for example, Flight). Flights in Creative mode are not affected in any way.


allow-nether true/false

This parameter determines the possibility of transition to the Lower World. If disabled, all players who were in the Netherworld will be moved to the regular one. Does not affect the transition to the Edge.


broadcast-console-to-ops true/false

Allows you to output the result of the console command to all server operators.


announce-player-achievements true/false

This option determines whether the server should send messages to the chat about receiving achievements.


difficulty Line [easy]

Difficulty level:

  • peaceful - Peaceful
  • easy - Easy
  • normal - Normal
  • hard - Difficult


Allows you to use the command block. This option is not generated on first boot, but appears on the first attempt to use the command block.


Enables enabling an MBean (a feature in Java that allows you to provide certain statistics for monitoring) with a net.minecraft.server:type=Server object and two attributes:

  • averageTickTime - average time for one tick (in milliseconds),
  • tickTimes - the time of the last 100 ticks (in nanoseconds).
  • Related to the term TPS. To enable JMX execution in Java, the appropriate JVM startup flags must be set. See this documentation for more details

sync-chunk-writes true/false

Includes synchronous writing of chunks.


enable-status true/false

Enables the server to be displayed as online (if it is running). If set to false, a running server will show as "offline" in the online game menu, but will still be able to accept player connections.


entity-broadcast-range-percentage Number (0-500) [100]

Allows you to change the render distance of the entity for clients in percentage. Higher values ​​may decrease server performance, as the higher the value, the greater the entity's draw range and the more resources required to process them. This setting is expressed as a percentage (100% by default). For example, setting this value to 50 will halve the entity's render range. It is a server analogue of the client's rendering change.


enable-query true/false

Allows you to activate the GameSpy4 protocol for listening to the server (getting information about the server). enable-rcon true / false false Enables remote access to the server console. force-gamemode true/false false If true, when connecting to the server, the player's game mode will change to the standard one specified in gamemode.


gamemode Line [*survival]*

The standard game mode, which is automatically set to all players who enter the server for the first time. The single player mode is changed with the /gamemode command.

  • survival - Survival
  • creative - Creativity
  • adventure — Adventure
  • spectator - Observation

function-permission-level Number (1-4) [2]

Sets the access level for functions. generator-settings none String This string sets the superflat world generation template.


generate-structures true/false

Whether to generate structures (treasuries, fortresses, villages...)


hardcore true/false

Enables Hardcore mode on the server. After death, switching to observer mode.


level-name Folder name [world]

The name of the folder with the map files that the server will use during the game. This folder is located in the same directory as the server. If it is not found, the server will automatically generate a new world and place its files in a folder with that name.


level-seed Any seed

Input data (Zernoid) for the level generator. If you want to create a random world, leave this field blank



Defines the type of world.


max-build-height Number multiple of 16 (64 - 256)

Specifies the maximum height of a building on your server. Blocks cannot be broken or placed above this level. Terrain can be generated above this level, you can also destroy blocks with TNT and fire. In addition, buckets work above the limit (error).


max-players Number (0-2147483647)

Specifies the maximum number of players allowed on the server.


motd Line of no more than 60 characters

Description of the server displayed when connecting to the server list. Supports text formatting.


online-mode true / false true

This option enables/disables online mode. If it is turned off, then the server can be accessed only through the local network or from this computer and with any account (even a pirate one)


op-permission-level Number (1-4)

Allows to change operator rights.

  • 1 - Operators can break/place blocks within the protection radius of the spawn area.
  • 2 - Operators can use /clear, /difficulty, /effect, /gamemode, /gamerule, /give, /tp commands, and can change command blocks.
  • 3 - Operators can use the /ban, /deop, /kick, and /op commands.
  • 4 - Operators can use /stop.

player-idle-timeout Number

If not set to zero, players will automatically disconnect from the server if they have been inactive for the specified time (in minutes).


pvp true/false

Enables/disables players receiving damage from attacks by other players on the server. If true, players will be able to "fight" among themselves, killing each other. If set to false, players will not be able to deal direct damage to each other.


query.port Number (1-65535)

The port for receiving information about the server. Appears automatically if enable-query=true.


rcon.password String

Password for remote access to the server. Appears automatically if enable-rcon=true.


rcon.port Number (1-65535)

Port for remote server control. Appears automatically if enable-rcon=true.


resource-pack Filename

The location of the resources that the server will offer to download to the player during connection. In this field, you need to specify a direct link to the zip archive.


server-ip Any valid IP address

Specifies the server IP address that will be used by other players to connect to this server. It is recommended to leave this field blank, but if you want to give the server a specific IP address, you can use this option to set it. (You can't specify the ip address of your computer, so the server will just crash and won't start until you replace it with another one).


server-port Number (1-65535)

This parameter defines the port value in TCP and UDP protocols that the game server will use. The standard port for Minecraft is 25565. It is recommended not to change the value, because to enter a server that uses a standard port, it will be enough for the player to type an IP or DNS address without specifying the port, and when using other ports, there is a chance that this port is already will be occupied by another network resource. If you still want to specify the port manually, choose larger numbers and avoid popular ports: 80 and 8080 (web server), 21 (ftp server), 22 (ssh server), 143 (imap), 6969 and 6881- 6889 (bittorrent) and others. For example, port 23000 will do. When choosing a port, you can be guided by this list of standard ports that may belong to other network services and applications.


snooper-enabled true/false

Allows the server to send some statistics and data to developers. spawn-animals true / false true Similar to spawn-monsters, but for friendly mobs (cows, pigs, sheep...).


spawn-monsters true/false

If the value of the parameter is true, then, as in the single-player game, at night and in dark caves, enemy mobs will appear on the map and try to harm the players on the server. If false, enemy mobs (eg skeletons, zombies) will not automatically spawn during gameplay, but can be spawned using summon eggs. All mobs that were on the map will remain.


spawn-npcs true/false

Allow NPCs to appear in villages.


spawn-protection Number (1-100)

Protection radius of the spawn area in blocks (only operators will be able to change this area). A radius of 0 gives protection to a single block, 1 to a 3×3 zone, and so on. This option is not generated at the first download, but appears when the first player enters the server. After 1.4.2, spawn protection is automatically disabled if the server has no operator.


view-distance Number (3-15)

Adjusts the radius of chunks to send to the player. For reference: the Far draw range in versions before 1.7 displays an area within a radius of 10 chunks.


white-list true/false

Allows you to enable/disable the use of the whitelist on the server. If true, the server administrator will need to manually add players' nicknames to the white list. If set to false, any player will be able to access this server knowing its IP address and port. Server administrators can access the server regardless of the whitelist.


enforce-whitelist true/false

Allows you to enable/disable whitelist reloading when a player joins before disconnecting from the server. When this option is enabled, the server will kick the player only after automatically reloading the whitelist to look for changes.

  • false - Players will not be disconnected from the server if they are not on the whitelist.
  • true - Players will be disconnected from the server if they are not on the whitelist.

max-world-size Number (1-29999984) Sets the border of the world at the selected radius, counting from the zero coordinate. Establishing a border that extends beyond the world will do nothing. Example:

  • If the specified radius is 1000 blocks, then you will get a working space of 2000 x 2000 blocks.
  • If a radius of 4000 blocks is specified, then you will get a workspace of 8000 x 8000 blocks.

network-compression-threshold Number n

By default, it allows packets of size n-1 bytes to work fine, but a packet of n bytes or more will be compressed. So a smaller number means more compression, but compressing a small number of bytes can actually result in more than what happened.

  • -1 - disable compression
  • 0 - compress everything

Note: The Internet requires packets smaller than 64 bytes to be padded to 64 bytes. Therefore, setting a value below 64 may not be appropriate. It is also not recommended to exceed 1500 bytes.


resource-pack-sha1 String

Optional SHA-1 digest of the resource packet, in lowercase hexadecimal. It is recommended to specify this. This is not used to check the integrity of the resource bundle, but improves caching efficiency and reliability.


use-native-transport true/false

Linux Server Performance Improvements: Optimize sending/receiving packets on Linux

  • true - Enable
  • false - Disable

max-tick-time Number (0 - (2^63 - 1))

The maximum number of milliseconds that a thread can take before the server watchdog stops the server with a message. One server tick took 60.00 seconds (must be no more than 0.05 seconds); Thinking it has crashed, the server will forcefully shut down. As soon as this criterion is satisfied, it calls System.exit(1). -1 - completely disable the watchdog timer (this option was added in 14w32a)

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