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Update 1.21 Tricky Trials in Minecraft

Last modified on 03 June 2024 in Minecraft
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

Exciting New Update

Unexpectedly, the Minecraft team surprises gamers with the announcement of version 1.21, dubbed "Tricky Trials." Following the popularity of the previous "Armored Paws" update, this new release offers a multitude of new adventures and content, elevating Minecraft gameplay to a new level. Let's explore what the "Tricky Trials" update has to offer.


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The new "Tricky Trials" is set to leave a significant mark in the chronicles of Minecraft with the introduction of automated crafting and innovative mechanics.

Minecraft Tricky Trials оновлення

Trial Chambers in Minecraft

At the heart of the "Tricky Trials" update are the Trial Chambers. These massive copper-clad structures stand as epicenters of trials, with each zone filled with various rooms teeming with enemies ready to test your skills. This is a place where danger intertwines with opportunity, and only the truly brave dare to enter. In these grand halls, you'll encounter not only continuously spawning enemies but also multiple mob spawners and chests filled with random loot, including diamond armor!

локації в оновленні Tricky Trials Minecraft

In the deeper, more mysterious corners of these places, you'll find trial blocks that resemble ordinary mob spawners. Players who overcome the hordes of enemies spawning around these trial blocks will be rewarded with emeralds and other prizes for their bravery in combat rather than for destroying the spawner. RPG combat enthusiasts will appreciate these chambers, as they provide an excellent arena for honing PvE skills.

New Weapon - The Mace

Awaiting you in these trials is the mythical Mace, a powerful weapon ready to change the rules of combat in Minecraft. Known for dealing critical hits when players fall, the Mace leverages this principle, increasing damage based on the height from which the player falls. Moreover, a successful critical hit with the Mace during a fall negates any fall damage.

нова зброя в Minecraft, булава

This is complemented by the new "Wind Charge," allowing players to leap into the air and land heavily on their opponents, avoiding damage from the impact. Nearly six years later, Minecraft introduces a new type of weapon into the game.

New Enemies: The Gust and the Swamped

With the new update come new enemies: the cunning Gust and the fearsome Swamped. The Gust adds complexity to the trial chambers, while the Swamped, a new type of skeleton in swamps, shoots poisonous arrows, unlike its "Swift" counterparts, which use slowing arrows. These additions enrich the Minecraft world, making it feel like a full-fledged fantasy RPG.

новий ворог Bogged в Minecraft

новий ворог The Breeze в Minecraft

Feature List of the Update:

"Tricky Trials" introduces not only Trial Chambers and the Mace but also a host of other innovations that expand the game's possibilities:

  • Trial Generator: Reward yourself with emeralds and more for combat trials!
  • Workshop: For the first time in the game - automated crafting begins!
  • Vault: Opened with keys from the chambers for additional loot!
  • Wind Charge: Control the elements for movement!
  • Sturdy Blocks: New construction possibilities!
  • Armor Decor: New types of armor embellishments and more!

ігрова мапа в Minecraft

Prepare for the Ultimate Trial

With the upcoming release of Minecraft 1.21, the excitement is only growing. Stay tuned for a detailed overview of each new feature and visit our site for the latest news and analyses of the Minecraft world. Gather your usual Minecraft crew and get ready for new adventures on your server with friends in the "Tricky Trials" update!


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