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Next-Gen Update for Fallout 4 Released

Last modified on 05 June 2024 in
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

Next-Gen Fallout 4 Update

The recent free Next-Gen update for Fallout 4, eagerly awaited by fans, has brought both improvements and frustrations. This enhancement, which ensures smoother gameplay up to 60 frames per second on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, invites players to revisit one of Bethesda's most discussed and perhaps underrated post-apocalyptic RPGs. However, some issues have temporarily dampened the full celebration of this release.

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Pros and Cons of the Update

On April 25, nine years after the original game release and coinciding with the popularity of the Fallout TV series, the update fixed long-standing bugs, distributed free content from the Creation Club, and weapon packs, and improved visual quality on consoles with a quality mode that enhances details and a performance mode that boosts frame rates. Unfortunately, this update did not come without problems.

PC users have experienced the most significant issues. According to some reviews, the improvements are barely noticeable, and new performance problems, including crashes and broken modifications, have created more difficulties than solutions. Discussions on forums like Steam, with topics such as "How bad is the update?", list numerous issues, including "improvised weapon" settings that cause game crashes and extended load times when reaching Concord in the main storyline.

There are also problems with ultra-wide screen support, as the game interface appears stretched and distorted. One forum user noted that "there's no noticeable difference between official ultra-wide screen support and the old method of editing configuration files," requiring a separate mod for proper HUD display. Other PC users complain about the lack of DLSS support and improved frame rate performance, with some even unable to launch the game, especially on the Steam Deck.

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On consoles, the situation is slightly better, though not without disappointments. On Xbox Series X/S, a bug locks the new version in 60FPS mode. On PlayStation 5, the update itself seems normal, but not everyone can access it. Fallout 4 is part of the PS Plus Extra subscription library, similar to Game Pass, but initially, players who accessed the game this way could not download the update for free. Some even went as far as purchasing the game separately as they didn't want to wait.

This issue was resolved overnight for some players. Those who had Fallout 4 on PS5 through the PS Plus collection since the console's launch still face access problems. Currently, there is no information on whether this was intentional, leaving regular PS Plus subscribers to ponder whether it's better to wait, upgrade their subscription, or buy the game at full price—$20 (reduced to $5 before the Next-Gen update release).

fallout 4 силова броня у грі

On PS5, there are complications with downloading Fallout 4 DLC. To install the Next-Gen version, all existing DLC must first be deleted from the console. These DLC versions do not automatically download with the rest of the PS5 version. Even when players try to obtain them, the DLCs remain hidden until you press X to show the download queue. From there, players still need to cancel the PS4 versions' downloads. This issue is a problem with Sony, not Bethesda, but it still creates inconveniences. With all these news, players can only wait for further improvements to this update, fixing issues, and enhancing all aspects of the game.

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