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Rust Gets New Ping System Update

Last modified on 20 May 2023 in RUST
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Radim Nedved

Radim Nedved

Rust Game Specialist

Rust players around the world can now enjoy the latest update, which was released on April 6th, 2023. This new update promises to keep players interested by introducing a variety of new features to the well-known survival game. Among the new features are double saddles, map markers, ping system and others. These new additions promise to enhance gameplay and make it easier for players to communicate. Additionally, as with every monthly update, this update includes a force wipe, which resets all player progress and structures.


Rust players can now utilize a new way to alert their team of nearby points of interest with the addition of pings. These pings can be placed while using binoculars or drones, and once set, they are visible to anyone on your team for 10 seconds. The process of placing a ping is simple. Just hold Mouse 5 while looking through your binoculars, select from any of the 6 options on the radial menu, and left-click on the option you want to place the ping.

ping system

Double saddles

You can now experience a new level of adventure in Rust thanks to the addition of double saddles. With this new feature, you and a friend can journey together on the same horse, making it easier and more enjoyable to explore the game's vast open world. While the double saddle cannot be crafted, it is available for purchase at Ranches and Large Barns for 90 scrap. It is worth noting that the horse's stamina and speed remain largely unchanged with the addition of the double saddle, and the equipment slots remain the same.

Map markers

The in-game map system in Rust has received an exciting upgrade with the latest update. Players can now enjoy a new feature that allows them to add multiple map markers. With the ability to add up to 5 markers on a map at a time, this feature provides a convenient way for players to communicate and coordinate with their team during gameplay. Additionally, team leader markers are shared with the entire team, and all markers show up on the compass.

map markers

Floating containers

Rust players can expect an improved looting experience with the latest update, thanks to the addition of new floating containers. After a submarine is destroyed, a black box will appear immediately on the water containing any loot that was on the sub. For boats, such as RHIB or rowboats, the container will appear about 5 minutes after the boat is destroyed. This simple but effective change makes it much easier to access and gather loot from destroyed watercraft.

Easter event

Get ready to celebrate Easter in the game! With the latest seasonal update, the Easter event is now live and will likely run on servers for the next two weeks. Among the new features are egg hunts and collectible eggs. During the egg hunt event, players have three minutes to collect as many eggs as possible, with special prizes awarded to the top three players. Additionally, players can gather, upgrade, and open collectible eggs to earn prizes, similar to the presents in the Xmas event.

Improvements and fixes

  • Streamer mode has been updated to account for the RF Transmitter
  • You can now place deployables in doorframes with doors much easier
  • Hold the alt-look key while right-clicking or hover looting from a loot container to wear clothing items immediately
  • Drones can now be repaired in repair bench
  • Team UI & Nametags will use steam nicknames instead of steam names / streamer names if you are friends with the player. Added 'use_steam_nicknames' convar to revert to previous behavior
  • Fixed mace skinned as baseball bat displaying an incorrect price to research at the research table
  • Fixed TCs showing "Open" as default option when in building priv but not authorized
  • Fixed excavator puzzle reset killing sleepers inside bases if built too close to the excavator
  • Fixed conveyors set to AND mode incorrectly starting a transfer if there were multiple stacks of the same filtered item in an input container
  • Disable daisy chaining restrictions, daisy chained containers will now always receive their appropriate split regardless of the state of the container before them in the chain
  • Industrial conveyor will now attempt to fill any existing stacks in an output container before making a new stack
  • Additional checks to make sure SAM sites have a floor below them
  • The output division is now applied before min/max/buffer amounts are calculated, meaning the split amount is based on the maximum amount that can be moved and is then clamped by the max. Prevents Max filters incorrectly slowing down transfer rates
  • Show HP bar (and text) on the computer monitor when remote controlling entities
  • Move to next/prev entry on computer UI with arrow keys or mouse wheel
  • Prevent opening turret inventory until authed on turret
  • Prevent two modular car lifts that are very close together from both setting the same vehicle as their locked occupant

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