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What does the server address mean in Minecraft?

Last modified on 19 July 2024 in Minecraft
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

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Minecraft server address

Every server hosting possesses its unique address, which serves the purpose of connecting players within the same game world. This article aims to elucidate the types of server addresses employed in Minecraft server.


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What is an IP address?

This is a list of numbers that indicate the Internet location of the desired Minecraft server, similar to street addresses in real life. The main purpose of any address is to allow you to connect to your server or another server.


IP addresses have two components, namely the main part and the port. The port is written after the colon (111.111.111:25565). All Minecraft servers and their addresses have the same default port - 25565, but if you purchased a ready-made server on a hosting site, you can get a variety of ports for each server, which will differ from the standard one. In the case of a changed port, players who want to join you must write it correctly in the address.

What is a domain name?

In addition to the IP address, there is also a domain name (play.hivemc.eu). This name is different because it is written using letters instead of numbers.


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Below, we have written for you the advantages of domains over IP addresses:

Address transfer

When you create your server by purchasing it on a hosting site, your server gets a unique IP. Over time, the server becomes bigger and attracts the attention of many players, but unfortunately, the hosting company you have chosen may stop working, and you will lose your server's IP. Of course, you can buy a new hosting and upload your server again, but after that the server address will change and a new IP will be created. In such an unpleasant case, you may lose some of your players because they will lose access to the former server.

This is exactly what a domain is for! If your server has a domain address, it will be very easy to transfer the domain to a new hosting. You won't lose your players, and the more players you have, the more fun the game experience is.


Just warn your users in advance about technical work

Design your server

Having a server domain, you can make your website for it and its players. On the site, players will be able to buy improvements for games, special skins, outfits, or just a beautiful color for their nickname. This will especially make your server more famous for new players and even more beautiful for those who are already playing, and instead of IP address numbers, people will easily remember the letter name and share it with others. Also, by connecting the server address to the website, all players will be able to connect to your server without using the port! This will make your address look more beautiful.


If you have a server domain and want to create new servers for different game modes, for example, only for PVP battles, only for construction or for a mini-game, you can create an extended domain name (subdomain) by adding the desired game mode directly to the address. This will make the search for the right game modes on your servers even more convenient, and the project itself more ambitious.


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