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Unlocking Costumes and Accessories in Stellar Blade

Last modified on 05 June 2024 in
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

Engaging and Exciting Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade, a new exclusive for PlayStation 5 from developer Shift Up, showcases captivating combat mechanics. The game's main feature is its focus on fashion, centered around the character Eva, who has become a style icon in the world of video games. She joins the ranks of notable characters like Bayonetta and 2B from Nier: Automata, impressing with her diverse wardrobe.

використання здібностей Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade is already available and offers players a choice of thirty unique outfits for Eva, ranging from cute and fantastical to classic and avant-garde. Players have the opportunity to experiment with different styles, including dressing Eva as a teddy bear, a pilot, a space warrior, or even in the iconic yellow jumpsuit from the movie "Kill Bill."


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How to Unlock New Outfits for Eva

Outfits in the game can be unlocked by exploring the game world and discovering special chests colored black and gray with red markers. Obtained clothing blueprints can be turned into actual outfits using resources at repair stations in various locations within the world of Xion. Besides collecting chests, outfits can also be purchased from NPC shops, where increasing friendship levels unlocks new customization items.

кастомізація персонажа Ева Stellar BLade

While outfits do not affect gameplay, they allow players to freely change Eva's appearance, viewing them from different angles in the equipment menu. Each outfit features a unique design and color palette, reflecting different styles and aesthetics. Players can choose from numerous options, such as dressing Eva in an elegant evening gown, a stylish knitted outfit, or an ensemble inspired by classic literature.

skin costume Stellar Blade

Much of the time in Stellar Blade is spent searching for new wardrobe elements for Eva, styling her, and selecting accessories that complement the outfit. Besides clothing, players can purchase hairstyles and other accessories, maximizing the character's individuality. This aspect of the game is not only engaging but also excites players interested in fashion and style.


Effective Skills to Unlock in Stellar Blade

Eva в Skin костюмі, Stellar Blade

Eva is considered a new role model in the fashion world, inspiring both current and new fans to experiment with their own styles. Her influence, similar to 2B and Bayonetta, is expected to grow her fan base, especially among cosplayers eagerly awaiting the chance to showcase their versions of her outfits at various events.

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