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New Merchant Bookseller in Stardew Valley

Last modified on 05 June 2024 in
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Spartak Itskovich

Spartak Itskovich

Game Content Writer

New Trader in Stardew Valley

The beloved farming simulator Stardew Valley has regained popularity following the release of update 1.6 on March 19 and its subsequent refinements in update 1.6.4. This update included a comprehensive set of bug fixes, adjustments, and new elements, re-engaging both seasoned and new players. One of the standout additions in version 1.6 is the new character, Marcello, the bookseller.


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торговець книжками в Stardew Valley


Learn More About the Big Update in Stardew Valley

Where to Find the Bookseller in Stardew Valley?

To meet Marcello, head to the northeast part of the map. Move east from your farm across the river towards Joja Mart, and continue until you can't go any further east. There, you will find stairs leading north. At the top, you'll discover Marcello’s bookshop, which is only open on two random days each season, marked by a hot air balloon icon on the calendar. When the shop is open, a message will appear on your screen in the morning: "The bookseller is in town today."

ігровий календар Stardew Valley

ігрова мапа Stardew Valley

What Can You Buy at Marcello's Bookshop?

Primarily books, which are not just reading material but also upgrades that provide lasting benefits after purchase and reading. These upgrades can increase your running speed, horse gallop speed, improve your fishing skills, or allow you to see item prices in your inventory.


Prices for books range from a few thousand to 25,000 gold, so make sure you have enough funds before visiting Marcello

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