Minecraft – the legendary sandbox

Perhaps the most popular sandbox game created by Mojang. Be creative: build houses, castles, pixel art, cities and even planets. Also, the player can try himself in the survival genre, and then the colorful and cubic canvas turns into forests, deserts, caves and mines in which you need to fight monsters, look for food, resources and lodging for the night in order to survive and defeat the main boss…


Creative game mode:

Before starting the game, you create a world; you can choose the mode (in this case, creative), the size of the map, bonus items, as well as the so-called World Seed (for more experienced and knowledgeable players in the Minecraft world). The player spawns in a place unknown to him in advance on a randomly generated map; in creative mode, you can fly, take any item from your inventory: blocks, weapons, armor, food and decorations, and enjoy the combination of all this in a relaxed, safe and smiling world.

Survival mode, hardcore:

In Survival Mode, the player can choose map options (large/small, bonus items, seed) and world difficulty, which ranges from Easy to Hardcore. The modes differ from each other in the complexity of generating a map and the aggressiveness of mobs (monsters), and especially in hardcore mode - if you die, then the world you created is deleted.

In survival mode, you cannot fly (unless you activate cheats in the game menu) and take any items in unlimited quantities - you will need to get everything yourself, look for food, minerals, other resources and a place where to wait out the night, because there are a lot more monsters at night and they are stronger than during the day.

Multiplayer, creating a server with GODLIKE:

In Minecraft, you can play both locally with your friend on your map using an IP connection, and on the created server. Servers have a certain variety of modes, such as: Mini-games (Hunger Games, Prop Hunt, Hide & Seek), survival, creative, and more. If you are ready to immerse yourself in the amazing world of Minecraft, then don’t waste time, get started.